tfp0 Exploit Found In Newly Released iOS 13.6

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iOS 13.6 jailbreak news

Apple iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 updates were released only yesterday. Today security researcher @_Simo36 has announced on Twitter that he has a tfp0 software exploit. This exploit can potentially be used in the development of a future iOS 13.6 jailbreak.

This news is exciting for a number of reasons, most important of which is that this tfp0 exploit could help jailbreak developers in development of an iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 jailbreak that would work on newer iPhone models. We know the exploit works on newer devices because @_Simo36 has shared a screenshot that mentions iPhone 11 Pro under the “Hacked device” title.

IOS 13.6 jailbreak screenshot

Since iOS 13.6 is a new release the potential of its jailbreak’s release so early is enough to excite jailbreak fans and enthusiasts.

However that does not mean @_Simo36 has any plans of making his tfp0 exploit public.

For those who have iPhone X or earlier, or any device that is vulnerable to checkm8 exploit there’s already a jailbreak available. checkra1n jailbreak already supports iOS 13.6 jailbreak provided you have an iPhone or iPad that is powered by A9-A11 Chips. Apparently iOS 14 is also vulnerable to checkm8 exploit.

We will surely report on any new updates once they become available.

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