7 Best Games To Play On Mac In 2024

In this blog, discuss the 7 best Mac games filled with adrenaline-pumping action, heart-stopping visuals, and gameplay so addictive, that you might need a support group.

Lack of people and double the amount of gaming bliss. If that’s your idea of a weekend well spent, then my friend, you’re in for something special. 

We know the gaming world isn’t a one-size-fits-all pixel party, and nobody’s got the time for mediocre gaming. That’s why we dedicated countless hours and dove headfirst into the app store to find you the best high graphics games for Mac. After going through a range of wild and snooze-worthy games, we found exactly what we were looking for. 

Level Up Your Gaming Experience with the Best Mac Games for 2024

Get ready to be swept away by pixelated worlds, heart-thumping action, and gripping storylines that make you forget reality. That’s the kind of gaming vibe we’re talking about, and we’ve found it. So, are you ready to delve into games for MacBook Pro that are bound to get addictive? Let’s go!

1. Stray 

Stray takes cat adventures to a whole new level. It’s set against the backdrop of a decaying cybercity. Sounds cool so far? There’s more. This game fully immerses players in detailed, neon-lit alleys and the mysterious depths of its seedy underbelly and that’s where the adventures begin. But why is it considered one of the best Mac games? The intricate design of the surroundings provides such a visually stunning experience that you can’t help but love it.

Stealthy, nimble, and a bit silly – that’s you as you interact with the environment. But don’t mistake simplicity for lack of depth. The storyline is crafted to keep you hooked, defending against surprises and unraveling secrets. Plus, the focus on exploration and puzzle-solving adds depth, transforming you from a passive observer into an active participant in the unfolding drama. This unique gameplay approach adds a touch of charm and unpredictability, earning Stray its title as the best game for MacBook.

Download Stray for 29.99 now.

2. Lies of P

Hold onto your seats for “Lies of P,” a gripping RPG macOS game that plunges you into a world of deceit and magic. My friend, prepare to be immersed in a darkly elegant and cruel world as you journey through the haunted city of Krat.

In this cool game, your puppet character deals with crazy monsters and shady characters, shaping a story that unfolds as you explore the city’s twisted corners. What makes it even cooler is the combat system. You get to create your own fighting style by mixing weapons, using Legion Arms, and unlocking new abilities. Lies of P is not just fun, it keeps things exciting and tactical and that’s why it’s one of the best Mac games around. 

But that’s not even the best part. You get to make choices that impact the story. Will you comfort others with lies or spill the truth even if it leads to some serious drama? It’s all up to you, adding a layer of complexity that makes the game seriously addictive.

Download Lies of P for $59.99 now.

3. Resident Evil Village for Mac

No need to envy your PC pals anymore, “Resident Evil Village” has made its way to Mac. The eighth major installment in the iconic Resident Evil franchise, it redefines survival horror for Mac users. We especially adore the immersive experience with its detailed graphics, intense first-person action, and a narrative that will send shivers down your spine. But be warned, the terror becomes palpable, almost too real, as you navigate the landscape.

Talking about the content, Resident Evil Village goes beyond the base game adding the Trauma Pack DLC, making it the best Mac game for 2024. This includes a slew of value-adding features, adding a touch of authenticity to your weaponry. Moreover, the Resident Evil 7 Found Footage Filter brings a nostalgic vibe, while the Tape Recorder Save Point lets you strategize and reflect on your journey. While the eerie music sets a sinister tone, the Tragedy of Ethan Winters Artwork and The Baker Incident Report offer a deeper dive into the game’s lore. Thus marking it as one of the best Mac games.

Download Resident Evil Village for Mac for $39.99 now.

4. Asphalt 9 – Legends

Need for speed? Strap in for a ride through a collection of over 150 hypercars, each a masterpiece from renowned manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Collect and customize these speed demons, upgrading their stats, tweaking brake caliper colors, or adding carbon parts for that personal touch. Your ride, your rules.

Asphalt 9 high graphics game for Mac takes you on a heart-pounding journey across 185 tracks in 13 real-world locations. From the bustling streets of San Francisco to the exotic landscapes of Cairo and Osaka, the thrill is gravity-defying, making it the best Mac game. With over 900 solo career events and live 8-player races, the single and multiplayer options are as diverse as the hypercars you command. 

Download Asphalt 9 – Legends for free now.

5. Civilization® VI

For strategy game enthusiasts, Civilization VI is an absolute gem, offering a gaming experience that’s both dynamic and immersive. With 20 historical leaders, it allows you to strategically build and fine-tune your civilizations for the ultimate shot at success. And hey, if you’re new, fret not. The new tutorial systems have your back, making it super accessible. Thus making it stand out as one of the best Mac games.

The Rise and Fall expansion, where your leadership decisions can swing your civilization into a prosperous Golden Age or challenge it with a Dark Age. On the other hand, taking things up a notch, the Gathering Storm expansion lets your decisions shape the world’s ecosystem. Natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes add an unpredictable twist to this game for M1 Mac. And if you’re hungry for more civilizations and scenarios, explore the unique Civilization & Scenario Packs available as in-app purchases.

Download Civilization® VI for $59.99 now.

6. Township 

Switching gears, Township is a one-of-a-kind fusion of city building and farming that brings the best Mac games to a whole new level. Transitioning seamlessly between building and agriculture, Township lets you shape your dream town into reality. 

Start by planting and harvesting crops. Then process them in your factories to craft goods as you establish a thriving economy for your evolving town. Transitioning further into the game, trade becomes a key component as you connect with distant islands, exchanging resources and expanding your town’s influence. All in all, this is the perfect game for MacBook Pro users with a penchant for world-building. 

But, hey, it’s not just about building a city and an agricultural utopia. Explore the depths of your town’s mine to unearth valuable resources and discover ancient artifacts, adding a touch of mystery and history to your gameplay. Plus, as you progress, Township introduces a zoo feature as well.

Download Township for free now.


ELEX II, the sequel to the beloved ELEX, brings an immersive open-world role-playing experience. It’s set in the post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy realm of Magalan and takes the concept of exploration to new heights, making it the best Mac game.

If you’ve played ELEX, you’ll know Jax. This game begins several years post-Jax’s victory over the Hybrid. Now, your goal is to safeguard the peace, rally the factions, unite against the invaders, and locate Dex. Have we got your interest piqued? Brace yourself for fluid combat that has undergone a massive improvement in control systems. Engage in both close and ranged combat seamlessly, with every move feeling intuitive and responsive. The stakes are high, too— which is what makes it the best game for MacBook. Now, NPCs can be killed, and these choices reverberate through the storyline. Thus immersing you in a world where moral decisions matter, bringing the gameplay experience up a notch.

Download ELEX II for $44.99 now.

Epic Adventures Await!

From the heart-pounding streets of “Asphalt 9 – Legends” to the mystical realms of “ELEX II,” it’s safe to say we’ve got a thrilling year ahead. The pixels are calling, and 2024 is shaping up to be a year where every click sparks a new adventure.

And here’s the kicker – these games for M1 Mac are specifically tailored for the powerhouse that is your Mac. Imagine seamless gameplay, graphics that pop, and a gaming experience that’s smoother than butter on a hot day. 

So, as you gear up for the best Mac games, get ready to be immersed, captivated, and downright blown away.

Hey, before you go, name your favorite macOS games in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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