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How to get old cellular signal bars back on iOS 7


How to get old cellular signal bars back on iOS 7

iOS7 bars - Signal Bars

iOS 7 brought big changes to the software that powers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One of the most noticeable change this software update brought was replacement of traditional cellular signal bars with new and more minimalistic circles. While many people liked the new signal indicators others hated them and wished to get the old ones back.

If you are one of those who would like to get the iOS 6 like signals on your iOS 7 powered device then you are in luck. A new visual hack for jailbroken iOS devices has been released called iOS7 Bars, which brings back the cellular bars to iOS 7.

It is a simple hack that can be applied using the WinterBoard app. While installing iOS7 Bars is simple enough there are a few extra steps that you need to perform before it would work for you.

Update: The ‘iOS7 Bars’ is no longer available in Cydia. You can install ‘Signal Bars iOS7 Theme‘ from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and get the same functionality.

Here’s how to get old cellular signal bars back on iOS 7

  1. On your jailbreak broken device install WinterBoard if you do not have it already.
  2. Now search for ‘iOS7 Bars’ in Cydia and once you find it simply install it.
  3. Next you need to open iFile app and go to var/mobile/library/Caches/ directory and delete the ‘Images’ folder found in there.
  4. You can delete the ‘Images’ folder simply by swiping towards right side on it.
  5. Exit iFile app and launch WinterBaord. Go to ‘Select Themes’ screen and select iOS7 Bars from the list. Respring your device.

Now you should have the classic signal bars in your status bar. Enjoy!

  • Adam

    just wondering if you don’t end up keeping winterboard how hard is it to revert back to the circular signal strength indicator

    • You can simply unselect it from WinterBoard and respring just like you change a theme.

      • Adam

        u sure since you are deleting system files in the process

        • Nope. We are just deleting the caches for UIStatusBar. Besides I checked before I replied to you 🙂

          • Adam

            sweet … thanks for the xplanation

          • I’ve done some digging on iOS 8 it looks like they might be encrypted because I can’t see the images anymore. Is it safe to still follow the same process?

  • Atilla

    I couldn’t find that tweak on Modmyi’s repo. Can you give me .DEB file of its?

  • Alejandro

    can’t find the iOS7 Bars tweak. Which repo does have it?

    • Georgia

      Its not a tweak its a winterboard add on. Just search for ‘iOS7 bars’ and you will find it…

    • trouble seeing

      zotddt has “bars and battery” – default repo if you didn’t delete it, but it says it makes ios 6 look like 7, i want the opposite

  • Elliot Bath

    Not in Cydia at the moment, but would really like this…

    • Georgia

      Its not a tweak its a winterboard add on. Just search for ‘iOS7 bars’ and you will find it.

      • Elliot Bath

        Can’t see it. Also scrolled down through quite a few.

  • 214

    i did this thing.. actually you can put any signal themes whether its not ios 7 compatible.. just always delete the ui/statusbar folder whenever you change signal problem is i cant installed colored signal themes, it always show black and white icon wheter i put colored signal bars..

  • U_WuV_MeH

    wow thanks alot if anyone is having trouble just go to cydia on search type ios 7 bars then it should say ios 7 bars and battery thats the one you need to download it acually works thanks 🙂 btw follow me on twiter @U_WuV_MeH

  • Trouble seeing

    Can somebody post the exact name or a screen shot of the “iOS 7 Bars” theme for Winterboard? Searching cydia for “iOS 7 Bars” returns hundreds of options, none of which says exactly “iOS 7 Bars”…

  • surr3a1

    This is complete fake, there is no such package. This is a lie!

    • Its certainly not fake as I am using it on my iPhone for several weeks. Its strange why its not appearing in search for some users.
      Its under ModMyi.

      • Chris

        Can you upload the file contents somewhere and post a link. Cuz I did have it but deleted it and now it’s no longer available. Thanks.

  • alen

    let’s say u got the iOS 6 bars, but then you’ve decided to get back the iOS 7 circle bar, how do you get it back? thanks

  • JailBreak

    try this .. download facebook 1.0 its under ZodTTD from cydia and activate it from winterboard after it rispring u will get the ios6 cellular signal .. hope it will help

  • gtagamer

    deleteing the file dont work

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