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How To Add A Folder To iPhone Dock

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How To Add A Folder To iPhone Dock

If you have tried moving a folder to your iPhone’s dock, then you would know that you can’t. Due to this many people believe that it is something that is not possible at all, however the opposite is true.

You can indeed put a folder in your iPhone’s dock and easily access it from any page, all you have to do is follow a workaround.

In this simple tutorial we will show you how you can add folder containing your most used applications in iOS’s dock. Read on for full instructions.

  1. First of all create a folder that contains the apps you want to place in the dock.
  2. Now remove one app from the dock so you have fourth icon spot vacant, this is where our new folder will live.
  3. Once the folder has been created, simply tap and hold on it, and while you are in the wiggle mode drag the folder onto the dock, and lift your finger.

This admittedly is a pretty simple tip, however many people still don’t know that it is actually possible to place a folder containing multiple apps in the dock. The reason for this is iOS does not let users create a folder inside the dock, so only way to have one is to create one on the homescreen page and then move it to the dock.

Now that you know how to add a folder to the iPhone dock, you can put up to four different folders in the dock using the same technique.

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