Five Of Our Favorite iOS 15 Features

iOS 15 is packed with new features and meaningful improvements. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to discussing the big and small changes that this new operating system is going to bring to our iPhones later this year.

We have been trying out the new beta on our iPhone and love it. While every new feature of iOS 15 is exciting there are some that standout.

Here are five iOS 15 features that we absolutely love.


iPhones can be distracting. With the new Focus mode iOS 15 helps you concentrate on a set task by only sending you notifications that you want. You can choose from multiple Focus profiles by access the Focus menu from Control Center. You can create focus and choose contacts that are allowed when that profile is active.

For example, you can create a work group and add your colleagues to it. When your Work profile is active only those colleagues that are Allowed in your profile will be able to contact you.

The new Messages app in iOS 15 has the ability to let others know you are in Focus mode. It does so by displaying a text on the conversation page telling others that you have silenced notifications with Focus. Your contacts can even choose to override the Focus mode if they have something urgent to talk about.

Redesigned Notifications

iOS 15 brings redesigned notifications to iPhones. This includes a brand new look for the notification banners that include contact photos and larger app icons.

The Notification summary lets you catch up with notifications that are delivered to you daily based on a set schedule. iOS intelligently puts non-urgent notifications in the summary while still sending alerts from friends to your lock screen. The summary is ordered by priority with most relevant notifications placed at the top.

All New Safari

Safari has received a new tab bar design that takes better advantage of iPhone’s screen real estate. The URL address bar has been moved from the top to the bottom, which makes it more reachable on larger iPhones. You can quickly scroll between multiple site tabs with a swipe gesture or access the tab page by tapping on the dedicate button.

Apple has also brought the Tab groups feature found on macOS Monterey to the iPhone. Now you can save tab groups and switch between them easily. Tab groups sync between connected iCloud devices, so you can pick up where you left on another device.

Live Text

Live Text is one of the most amazing features of iOS 15. With Live Text you can highlight text in the photo or Camera app and perform actions like Live text in Camera and Live Text translation. You can not only translate text easily in seven different languages but you can also point your iPhone’s Camera at a text and quickly copy and look up text.

Screen Sharing

In iOS 15 you can share a live view of your iPhone’s screen with everyone on a FaceTime call. When you initiate screen share people on your video call will be able to see what’s on your screen.

According to Apple this makes browsing through apartment listings, swiping through Photos, planning vacations and other tasks a lot easier. You can also help out a friend or family with troubleshooting by guiding them through the menus.

While screen sharing is one of our favorite iOS 15 features the new OS also allows users to listen to songs, watch movies and more with their FaceTime friends.

These are our top 5 iOS 15 features. We are using the beta and continue to post useful tutorials and posts about fun features of iOS 15 so be sure to check back.

What are your favorite features of iOS 15? Share your thoughts below!

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