How An iPhone Can Bring Down A Company

An iPhone is an essential gadget in most company’s communication infrastructure. However, it comes with its vulnerabilities more so in this era of cybercrime. In this article, we shall examine not only how an iPhone can bring down your company because of security threats, but also risk factors that face companies that invest in the iPhone business.

How to guard against the vulnerabilities associated with iPhones

Revoke Access to Apps

When you use an iOS app, you are prompted to allow the app to access your microphone, camera, contacts among other things. The problem here is that the app can access your company’s personal information which can be risky. Hence it is advisable to revoke app permissions for all your company iPhones.

Keeping iOS up-to-date

If you invest in iPhones for your company, you need to ensure to keep iOS up-to-date. That way you will guard against hackers who utilize any flaws in Apple’s coding. Hackers can exploit such flaws to gain access to your company’s sensitive data which can bring your company down. Apple is always releasing new software updates that fix vulnerabilities in iOS devices, so having the latest software on your company’s iPhone and iPads can go a long way in keeping your data safe.

Activate “Find My Phone” Feature

Another excellent way to prevent hackers from attacking your company’s iPhones is by activating the “Find My iPhone” feature on each of the company’s iPhones. You can activate it by going to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Find My iPhone and turning on Find My iPhone toggle. If you lose any of the phones, you can remotely wipe all the data on that particular device.

Employee Security Awareness Training

A company’s security should be a responsibility of each member of the organization. The best way to motivate your employees to participate in securing the company’s data is by offering training. If you do not know how to go about it, you can find security awareness training online for your employees. Proper training will empower your employees to identify and neutralize threats associated with iPhone usage.

Risk factors that face companies that invest in iPhone business

The technology industry is dynamic, and iPhone might not keep the Pace

The global markets that compete with Apple’s products and services are significantly competitive and prone to technological advancement. In case the Apple company, which is the mother of iPhone smartphone fails to remain competitive in the tech industry, it means the situation may bring adverse conditions to any company that invests in iPhone business. The financial status and operating outcomes could be as well implicated leading closure of the business.


Most of the products used in the manufacture of iPhone smartphones are designed to involve third party intellectual accessories. This means the company may be required to renew its licensing policies about various products and services. In the business world, any licensing is mostly acquired on reasonable terms, and there’s no surety that the licenses would always be accessible at all times. Today Apple is engaged in patent wars with Qualcomm, Samsung and others which can quickly bring down a company associated with the iPhone phones or accessories.


While the iPhone is an excellent piece of communication technology for many companies, it can be exploited by hackers to gain sensitive company information. Hence you need to take all the necessary measures discussed in this article. For those who invest in the iPhone business, it’s wise to know some of the factors that can ruin your business.

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