You Can Now Buy Custom Colored AirPods From ColorWare

Despite popular demand Apple has yet to release jet black colored AirPods. The company has not announced any plans of releasing AirPods featuring different colors, and considering the fact that the company never released its iconic EarPods in any other color than white, chances of it happening any time soon look slim. If you want a custom colored pair of AirPods, then ColorWare provides a decent option provided you are fine with paying nearly twice their retail price.

ColorWare is a well known brand that allows users to buy customized versions of Apple products. The company even allows users to send in their own devices and have them personalized, an option not currently available for AirPods. For AirPods ColorWare supports a total of 58 colors, that you can choose from. If you want you can even have the right earbud of a different color than the left side. Since you can also colorize the case, you have the option to have the case in different color than the AirPods. The company also offers two different finishes for AirPods customization including a glossy finish and a matte finish. This means you can purchase a Jet Black version of AirPods in addition to other solid or metallic colors.

You can order a custom colored pair of AirPods for $299 from ColorWare’s website. This includes same or different colors for left and right earbuds. If you are interested in having the AirPods case colorized, then that would cost you an extra $40, bringing the price up to $339.

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