That ‘Genuine’ Lightning Cable Or Charger You Bought From Amazon Is Probably Fake


At some point in our lives we all have purchased ‘Genuine’ Apple accessories from Amazon or eBay. Chances are you also bought a lightning cable or perhaps a charger for your Macbook from the giant marketplace. Now it has been revealed by non other than Apple itself that 90 percent of accessories available on Amazon are fake. This also includes the ones sold by Amazon directly and not just the ones sold by third-party sellers. These counterfeit products were made by Mobile Star LLC, which according to Amazon was its main supplier. Apple has now sued the company for making products that infringed on its trademarks and went on sale without passing proper safety tests.

The situation on Amazon got so bad that Apple had to intervene. According to a report Apple purchased charging cables and power adapters that were sold by Amazon itself from, and determined that those products were fake. These non-genuine products don’t give the same level of performance as genuine Apple products (available at Apple Store or its authorized sellers) but they also pose a serious threat to safety of users. They are cheaply built with low quality materials. They can overheat, catch fire or deliver a life threatening electric shock to the user. Since the buyer is unaware of the fact that the accessory he or she is using is not actually made by Apple, it is also damaging for the Apple brand.

To sum up, even though buying products such as chargers and cables at a significantly lower price than they are available from the Apple Store seems attractive, it is probably a bad idea to risk using a sub-standard product with your Apple device. It can not only damage your product but can also endanger your life. (PatentlyApple)

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  1. Actually, ebay is more dangerous than Amazon…..I am big fan of iXCC, which brand has a lovely pink powerbank! Recently, iXCC announced that they sell 3ft lightning cable for 5.99&free shipping! But ebay has so many fraud “iXCC” and I have to spend some time to find the real original manufacturer……. so annoyed….. Finally, I have to say finally…. I found iXCC official ebay store which is “original manufacturer, MFI certified. free shipping&return”!

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