Hacker Reveals Having Access To iOS 15 0-Day Vulnerability

Well known iOS hacker @08Tc3wBB has claimed on Twitter that he has found a 0-day vulnerability that is part of the latest version of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. While the hacker has announced having access to the vulnerability he also says that he does not have any plans of releasing it to public.

The tweet @08Tc3wBB sent out on his Twitter indicates that not only does he have a 0-day vulnerability but it also notes that it can be used for code execution on iOS 15. This essentially means the vulnerability this hacker is talking about can be used to run arbitrary code on iOS 15, something that is useful in the development of a jailbreak.

In a follow up tweet @08Tc3wBB clarified that he has “No plan for release at the moment”.

One interesting thing that the hacker has mentioned in his tweet is that the iOS 15 vulnerability is 0-day, which means Apple does not know about this vulnerability in the iOS operating system and thus cannot fix it in the next software release. And since it has not been patched it should work in all versions of iOS 15 including upcoming iOS 15.2.

The fact that the exploit is 0-day also reduces the chances of @08Tc3wBB releasing the exploit for public use, as it is usual for hackers to wait for Apple to discover and close a vulnerability before they publish code and write-up talking about the vulnerability publicly.

We will let you know if more information is available regarding this exploit.

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