iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Running On iPhone 7 Gets Demonstrated On Video


Around two weeks ago iOS 10.1 update was released for all devices. And now it has been jailbroken by a hacker who goes by the name of @ijapija00 on Twitter. The hack is demonstrated on iOS 10.1 running on an iPhone 7, however the hacker notes that it also works on recently released iOS 10.1.1 software update. The iOS 10.1 jailbreak shown here is based on a single exploit, which is a remarkable achievement for the hacker. ijapija00 says that he is posting the video as it is and does not need to convince anyone about its authenticity. However after looking at the video the jailbreak does seems legitimate.

The hacker has also given a number of reasons on why he won’t be able to give this jailbreak a public release. You can read his reasons below.

The major reasons for this not being published are:
1. Cydia Substrate is patched by replacing a library that loads the tweaks into the system. If we would have a un-patched Substrate for 10.x then I maybe would consider twice about this. But as long as it’s patched and I don’t own it, there’ll be not releases!
2. As a single developer, I don’t want to be responsible for other people’s devices, if they break or lose something. I neither don’t have the time to help people having problems with the jailbreak process itself.
3. Also, this jailbreak is stable sometimes and sometimes not. That means that it’s mostly used for testing tweaks or for private use and is NOT ready to be released at all! (Source)

While we know the jailbreak demoed in the video is not going to get a public release, it is still interesting to see its existence. We have yet to see a jailbreak for iOS 10, and with every passing day people jump to speculate that it is not possible to jailbreak iOS 10 with Apple tightening security with every release. However these videos keep the hopes of seeing an iOS 10 jailbreak release alive.

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