New iOS Slots to Play this Fall

While the iPhone was not originally meant to be a pocket-sized gaming console, it has become one over time. Few people know that the larger-screen iPhone models were introduced to appease those seeking to play games on the go. There are hundreds of thousands of games available for free play and real money play on iOS, then there are some that are not OS-specific – they can be played on any smartphone with any operating system. And most of these are slot machines – like the ones below, that you can expect to play at the Royal Vegas Casino this fall.

Lost Vegas

The latest of Royal Vegas Casino games is a slot machine in the spirit of Halloween. Called Lost Vegas, the game takes its players into a Sin City that has lost all its glitter and attractiveness after being subjected to an unforeseen zombie apocalypse.

Players can decide which side they want to play with – they can choose either to join the Survivors or to tag along with the undead horde of Zombies. This choice will not affect the amounts they can win or the game in any form, but only the way the game looks (and sounds). The side players choose is only important during the game’s Free Spins, where each side comes with its own benefits. The game looks great, and has an amazing atmosphere – it is the perfect game to play ahead of (and even after) Halloween.

Shanghai Beauty

Not interested in zombies and survivors? Are you fascinated by the beauty of the East? Then Shanghai Beauty is the game for you.

Shanghai Beauty is the latest in the series of Chinese-themed video slot machines the Royal Vegas has released in the last year. It has five reels, three rows, and 9 win lines. Its visuals and sounds take the player on a journey to Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China, exploring the sights and beauties of the city. The game’s reels are filled with symbols inspired by Chinese culture – gold and silver, a series of geishas, fishing junk, and lesser symbols inspired by playing cards. As with all slot machines, this one also comes with Wild symbols and free spins, and tons of wins to pocket.


Dragonz is the cutest game the Royal Vegas will add to its game library this year. The game, set to be released at the beginning of November, takes players on a trip to a fantasy world, accompanied by three cute dragons (and an ugly one). The game will have beautiful visuals, animated symbols, and separate free spins for the cute dragons (Flint, Switch, and Frost), as well as the ugly one (Gobble). Each of them will come with specific features and benefits – all of them to the benefit of the player.

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