10 Apple Park Wallpapers Taken From Exclusive Shot On iPhone Album (Ep. 11)

Looking for beautiful Apple Park Wallpapers for your device? Then we have got a treat for you. The iPhones on display at Apple Park Visitor Center have some exclusive shots of the Apple Park Campus, which are not available on devices found in other stores. These images are shot on iPhone, making them extra special. These images make up for great Apple Park Wallpapers for all devices.

Someone visiting the Apple Park noticed the exclusive images stored on the display iPhones and have shared the album on Imgur for all of us to view. They were able to share the images after airdropping them from Apple devices to their personal iPhone.

The Apple Park shot on iPhone album contains 30 beautiful images however we have chosen 10 that make up for the best wallpapers. If you like you can view the full album here. Check out the Apple Park Shot on iPhone images below.

You can save the high resolution photos to your device by long pressing on them. Once saved the images can be applied as wallpapers from the Photos app. (Reddit)

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