Gorgeous Frame Wallpapers For iPhone X (Ep. 10)

iPhone X has a unique design thanks to its edge to edge screen and the notch. While the presence of notch had been criticized by many, as apps get updated for the new design both users and designers have started to embrace it. I would even go as far as saying having a notch is not a bad thing since it gives iPhone a unique look, similar to how the home button made iPhone recognizable for nearly a decade.

What makes iPhone X’s screen look even more beautiful are these frame wallpapers by @heyeased. These black wallpapers add a border frame to the screen that make the device’s unique design stand out. Below you can find the gorgeous border wallpapers for iPhone X in multiple colors.

Most of these frame wallpapers for iPhone X have a predominantly black background that also look great on device’s OLED screen.

You can download these frame wallpapers for iPhone by tapping and hold on the images. Once saved in Photos simply apply them as your device’s wallpaper. When applying these images as wallpaper make sure you select ‘Still’ on the apply screen.  Also turn off the Reduce motion for better effect.

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