8 Best Desktop External Hard Drives For Mac In 2024

best desktop external hard drives

In this digital era, safeguarding your work, cherished memories, and valuable data is an absolute necessity. With the ability to store and retrieve an immense volume of digital files becoming increasingly effortless, the durability of our devices becomes the key factor in preserving these digital treasures. 

We must proactively back up critical information on external Mac desktop hard drives, serving as a fail-safe against potential data loss. 

Fortunately, external hard drive technology is constantly advancing, making it more accessible and budget-friendly with each passing day. With such advancements, no valid excuses exist for neglecting to back up any essential data you simply cannot afford to lose.

That’s why this article will take you on the ride and show you the best desktop external hard drives in 2024!

Best Desktop External Hard Drives in 2024

When it comes to finding the perfect external hard drive for your Mac, it’s a pretty big deal. Why? It means you can finally bid farewell to all those pesky large files that slow down your beloved Mac computer. Instead, you can effortlessly transfer everything onto an external storage device, allowing you to access your files whenever and wherever you want. 

But hey, choosing the right external drive for your Mac is no easy task. There are a few important factors to consider to find the best high-capacity external hard drives that tick all the boxes. Storage capacity, durability, cost, and connectivity ports should definitely be on your radar. 

So, let’s dive in and ensure you find the perfect match for your Mac, shall we?

1. WD 12TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

best high capacity external hard drives

The WD 12TB, My Book Desktop External Hard Drive, is a fantastic storage solution for safeguarding your precious photos, videos, music, and documents. 

This external hard drive boasts an impressive storage capacity of up to 18TB (remember, 1TB equals one trillion bytes, and the actual usable capacity may vary depending on your operating environment). With such vast storage space, you can securely store a large amount of data without worrying about running out of room.

To further enhance security, the My Book drive includes software that allows you to manage your device and implement password protection for added privacy. By downloading and installing this software (subject to terms and conditions), you can have greater control over your files and ensure that only authorized individuals can access them.

Regarding connectivity, the drive supports SuperSpeed USB with a transfer rate of 5 Gbps, and it is also compatible with USB 2.0. This means you can enjoy fast and efficient data transfers when connecting the drive to your computer.

Overall, the WD 12TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive provides a convenient and reliable storage solution with ample capacity, advanced encryption, and user-friendly software to protect and manage your valuable files. It’s a great choice for anyone seeking a dependable external hard drive for their storage needs.

Buy WD 12TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive for $198.25 here.

2. UnionSine 12TB 3.5″ External Hard Drive

Mac desktop hard drives

This external hard drive stands out with its remarkable design and focus on safety. UnionSine is renowned worldwide for its innovative accessory assembly, ensuring a seamless user experience and lightning-fast data transfer speeds.

Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces; this vertical external hard drive takes up minimal space. It’s perfect for various applications such as PC office work, storing 4K videos and images, recording TV shows, and even storing your favorite games.

Equipped with MTC multi-layer caching technology, this mechanical hard drive takes your PC’s performance to a new level. Experience faster application and file loading times, optimized data flow, and enhanced reading and writing performance. The theoretical read speed reaches 160MB/sec, while the write speed goes up to 110MB/sec.

Thanks to its USB-C 3.2 Gen2 type-C high-speed interface, this hard drive is compatible with a wide range of devices, including TVs, Xbox consoles, Windows and Mac computers, Linux systems, DVD players, and even Android devices. It’s perfect for 4K TV recording and works seamlessly with multiple TV brands.

To ensure maximum transfer efficiency, it comes with an upgraded cable to feature a 22 AWG thick copper core. The internal components are also designed with anti-vibration silicon for enhanced stability, fast heat dissipation, and reduced noise.

Buy UnionSine 12TB 3.5″ External Hard Drive for $201.55 here.

3. UnionSine 12TB 3.5″ Desktop External Hard Drive

best desktop external hard drives in 2023

This powerful device is designed to make your data storage experience fast, reliable, and hassle-free.

This hard drive ensures lightning-fast data transfer speeds with its USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface and external power supply. You can count on a stable reading speed of 160MB/s, allowing smooth and seamless data transmission.

Setting up this external hard drive is a breeze. Simply plug it in and start using it right away with its plug-and-play simplicity. Remember to connect the power cable before plugging in the USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C cable. 

Not only is this hard drive powerful but it’s also designed with space-saving in mind. Its sleek and compact design features a horizontal layout, occupying minimal space on your desk or wherever you place it. Plus, its durable exterior adds a touch of style to your digital life.

Buy UnionSine 12TB 3.5″ Desktop External Hard Drive for $201.19 here.

4. Glyph BlackBox Pro External Hard Drive

Introducing the Glyph BlackBox Pro External Hard Drive – the perfect rugged storage solution for creative professionals like yourself. This hard drive is built to withstand the challenges of your demanding work environment.

The BlackBox Pro is not your ordinary external hard drive. It’s tough and reliable, equipped with the latest USB-C (3.1) technology for lightning-fast data transfer. Plus, it has a professional power supply and optimized cooling to ensure your files are always safe and secure.

What’s more, this hard drive is future-proof and backward compatible, working seamlessly with both USB 3.0 and 2.0. So, you can rest assured that it will work with your existing devices and be ready for any upgrades you make in the future.

Every component of the Glyph BlackBox Pro has been carefully chosen for optimal performance and reliability. With the Glyph BlackBox Pro, you can have confidence in the fastest performance, ultimate reliability, and a seamless creative experience from start to finish. 

Buy Glyph BlackBox Pro External Hard Drive for $269.95 here.

5. Oyen Digital Novus 12TB External USB-C 7200RPM Hard Drive

best desktop external hard drives

The Novus boasts a sleek and stylish design. Its aluminum body is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides excellent protection. The brand has gone further by encasing it in a silicon rubber sleeve, enhancing its durability and making it resistant to impact.

With the USB-C interface, you can expect lightning-fast transfer rates. This versatile interface is compatible with all USB and Thunderbolt 3 & 4 ports, ensuring seamless connectivity across various devices. The Novus is ready to use right out of the box, thanks to its pre-formatted 7200RPM enterprise drive, whether you’re using a Windows or Mac system.

Overall, the Oyen Digital Novus 12TB External USB-C 7200RPM Hard Drive offers a powerful storage solution with an attractive design. Its reliable performance, robust construction, and fast transfer speeds make it an excellent choice for storage needs.

Buy Oyen Digital Novus 12TB External USB-C 7200RPM Hard Drive for $339 here.

6. Fantom Drives 10TB External Hard Drive

Looking for a high-speed storage solution? Look no further! The Gforce 3 Pro 7200RPM is a powerhouse, delivering a whopping 33% faster performance than the 5400RPM series. But that’s not all! With the latest generation USB 3.0*, you can experience blazing-fast transfer rates up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

This external hard drive is designed for audio and video professionals who demand top-notch performance and unwavering reliability. With the Gforce 3 Pro USB 3.0, you can trust that your data will be securely stored without compromising speed.

To top it off, the hard drive comes in a tough and durable aluminum casing. This provides excellent protection and acts as a natural heat sink, eliminating the need for a fan. Say goodbye to noisy distractions and enjoy a fan-free design that keeps your workspace quiet and cool.

Buy Fantom Drives 10TB External Hard Drive for $292.07 here.

7. LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD

best desktop external hard drives

The LaCie d2 Professional is equipped with Seagate Barracuda Pro enterprise-class hard drives and is designed to excel on both Macs and PCs. These drives offer unrivaled performance and reliability, ensuring your data remains safe and accessible. Additionally, the drive comes with Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans for five years, giving you added peace of mind.

Whether you’re a creative professional working on a Mac or a PC user, the LaCie d2 Professional is your go-to external desktop hard drive. It seamlessly connects to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 computers, making data transfer fast and efficient. Moreover, its aluminum form factor helps reduce noise and vibration, providing a quiet and stable working environment.

When you choose the LaCie d2 Professional, you’re guaranteed ultimate reliability and performance. The inclusion of BarraCuda Pro enterprise-class drives ensures that your data is always secure and accessible, allowing you to focus on your creative work without any worries.

Buy LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD for $419.99 here.

8. Oyen Digital HDX Pro C 12TB USB-C Enterprise

best high capacity external hard drives

Crafted entirely from high-quality aluminum, the HDX Pro C is built to withstand the demands of power users who rely on dependable storage. Whether you’re a creative professional working with large files or a business owner seeking secure data backup, this external hard drive has got you covered.

With its wide compatibility, the HDX Pro C works seamlessly with all USB and Thunderbolt 3 & 4 devices. Plus, it features a convenient USB-C hub port, allowing you to connect and daisy-chain additional HDX or USB devices effortlessly. No more hassle of tangled cables or limited connectivity options.

The HDX Pro C has a dual ball-bearing fan and a vented aluminum shield to ensure optimal airflow and prevent overheating. This smart design keeps your hard drive cool even during intensive tasks, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity.

Buy Oyen Digital HDX Pro C 12TB USB-C Enterprise for $399.00 here.

To Conclude

If we haven’t emphasized enough how crucial it is to back up your files, it’s high time you consider using an external hard drive for that purpose! These nifty devices act like affordable insurance policies for your valuable data, whether for work-related needs or simply to keep your photos and videos safe and well-organized.

Now, the market is teeming with options, so don’t feel compelled to settle for the first one that catches your eye. To simplify things, we’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorites, providing a handy reference and a gentle introduction to the world of best desktop external hard drives.

If you have any queries, leave them in the comments section.

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