Best Sleeves For 14-inch MacBook Pro For 2024

Best Sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro

If you want to protect your 14-inch MacBook Pro on the go, then it is a no-brainer to get a protective sleeve for it. There are plenty of best sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro out there, so choosing one can be confusing.

In this post we have featured 6 of our favorite and best 14-inch MacBook Pro sleeves that feature different styles and features. All of these sleeves will protect your device from scratches and bumps while also offering an easier and safer way to carry the MacBook around.

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Best 14-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves

Here are the best MacBook Pro Sleeves for your 14-inch notebook. This includes products from companies like Comfyable, Lacdo, Ferkurn, Inateck and Finpac.

1. Comfyable Laptop Sleeve

14-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves

This super stylish MacBook Pro Sleeve by Comfyable ensures your device remains protected from all sorts of damages. With 13.88” x 9.84” x 0.32”, it is compatible with your MacBook Pro 14” 2021, M1 Pro/Max A2442, and 13” MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Its slim body is made up of synthetic leather that complements your corporate look. While the smooth surface gives you’re the finest feeling. You can also use this sleeve as a bottom pad for your MacBook. 

You can buy the Comfyable Laptop Sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro for $16.99 at the link below.

2. Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

14-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves

This waterproof laptop cover is one of the best sleeves for the 14-inch MacBook Pro you might be looking for. Its canvas fabric stops water and vapors and keeps your laptop dry. So, even if it is raining outside you can carry your MacBook Pro without any worry. Moreover, its shock-proof lining is extra soft and effectively absorbs the impact of any bump. 

The zipper glides smoothly and is designed to ensure it is user-friendly. While its two extra pockets have enough space to accommodate your phone, charger, cables, power bank, AirPods, etc. It’s slim, lightweight, and portable so that you can take it to travel with no extra burden on your shoulders. And if you are a student, it is equally suitable for you. 

With internal dimensions of 13.7 x 1 x 9.5 inches, it is compatible with 14” New MacBook Pro 2021, A2442 (M1 Pro/M1 Max chip with Touch ID), 13.5” Microsoft Surface Laptop 4,3,2,1, 13.5” Microsoft Surface Book 3,2,1. It is also suitable for other Laptops Notebooks Chromebooks Ultrabooks of similar size.

You can buy the Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case for 14-inch MacBook Pro for $19.99 at the link below.

3. Ferkurn 14-inch Laptop Sleeve

Sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro

This handy 14-inch laptop sleeve by Ferkurn is one of the Best MacBook Pro sleeves in 2024 ideal for traveling purposes.  This MacBook Pro sleeve has a big pocket that can hold other accessories and devices like charger, mouse, smartphone, headphones, tablet, etc. 

Its lightweight and ultra-slim body let you take it anywhere with super ease! Be it your business travel, or daily office use, this MacBook Pro sleeve is a go-to cover for your laptop in 2024. Moreover, its water repellent feature keeps your laptop safe from water or humidity. 

Its 13.43”x9.51”x1 is compatible with MacBook Pro 2021 A2442, Asus Chromebook 14, ZenBook VivoBook 14, HP Chromebook, Pavilion, Stream 14, EliteBook, Envy 14, ProBook, ZBook Firefly 14/ Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Chromebook/ Acer Chromebook, Aspire 1 3, Swift 3 5 7, and others of similar size.

The Ferkurn 14-inch Laptop Sleeve Case is available for $9.99 at the link below.

4. Inateck Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for an ultra-protective and stylish cover, Inateck has one of the best MacBook Pro sleeves in 2024.  It has five layers that are splashproof, super soft, dustproof, and scratch-resistant. Its soft and fluffy outer layer is made up of polyester making it wear and crease-resistant.

In order to accommodate accessories and cables, this MacBook Pro sleeve has a large zip pocket. Moreover, its high quality and durable double zippers make it highly convenient to open. 

You can buy the Inateck 14-inch Laptop Sleeve Case for $14.99 at the link below.

5. Finpac Hard Laptop Sleeve 

If you like hard laptop covers, the Finpac MacBook Pro sleeve is for you. Its semi-hard anti-scratching polyester lining protects your laptop from scratches, shocks, bumps, and even dust. Its 5mm thick padding makes it one of the best MacBook Pro sleeves in 2024. Its all-rounder protection system with durable zippers secures your laptop for a longer time.

Its high-density polyester surface is better water-resistant than any other normal nylon sleeve. You can carry it with the help of a hand strap or keep it in your backpack or briefcase. Also, its 13.58” x 9.46” x 1.38” perfectly adjusts any 13 inch laptop. 

You can buy the FINPAC Hard Laptop Sleeve Case for $25.19 at the link below.

6. Inateck Laptop Sleeve Case

Here is another MacBook Pro sleeve by Inateck, but with excellent features to protect your laptop. Its 360° increased protection with a thick interior layer that stops the zipper from scratching your laptop. Additionally, on the bottom and sides, it has an elastic shockproof layer protecting your laptop from every side. While its soft flannel lining makes it scratch and dust resistant. 

With its dual-purpose elastic handle, you can switch between a laptop sleeve and a briefcase. The hidden handle makes it a laptop sleeve, whereas with the handle turn it into your stylish briefcase. And if you got plenty of laptop accessories, its large front pocket can easily adjust them all!

The Inatek 14-inch Laptop Sleeve Case for 14-inch MacBook Pro is available for $18.99 at the link below.

If you liked the above-mentioned some of the best MacBook Pro sleeves, share with us in the comments below. Also, help your friends find the best laptop sleeve by sharing this post with them. 

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