Two Most Essential iPhone 15 Pro Max You Should Get Right Now

iPhone 15 Pro Max has launched. If you are one of the millions of people who are getting the largest and most powerful iPhone this year, then we have the perfect recommendations for you.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is a strong device thanks to its Titanium body and Ceramic Shield coated screen. However, despite being so strong the phone is still vulnerable to scratches and can get damaged when dropped on a hard surface.

You can get peace of mind and protect your $1200 investment by getting some nice cases for your iPhone.

That is why we have recommended two of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases from our friends at Humixx. We have featured Humixx cases before and they make a regular appearance in our best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases articles, so it was only right to choose the best options from their portfolio and suggest them to you here.

In today’s article, we will talk about the Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Case With Magnetic Stand and Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case.

Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Case With Magnetic Stand

The first case that we are going to talk about today is the Humixx for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case With Magnetic Stand.

The best feature of this case is the magnetic circle located at this device’s back. This circle acts as a magnet, allowing users to attach MagSafe-compatible accessories to their devices securely. That’s not it though, as it also doubles as a kickstand, which can be pulled out by the user and used in any orientation.

The kickstand lets you place the iPhone in both horizontal and vertical orientations and enjoy your content hands-free. This makes the kickstand great for watching movies, YouTube videos, and more. When placed in a vertical position the device doubles as a video calling stand. This makes it great for those long Zoom meetings or intimate FaceTime calls. When the kickstand is not in use you can hide it in plain sight by closing it.

If you are someone who uses MagSafe accessories like a MagSafe power bank, car mounts, or a MagSafe wallet, then you can rest assured that your accessories will stay magnetically attached to the case thanks to its 38 pcs N52 triangle magnet Halback-array.

A case cannot be considered a good case unless it provides good protection to the device. The Humixx for iPhone 15 Pro Max case with Magnetic Stand is able to provide an all-around protection to your precious iPhone 15 Pro Max thanks to its raised screen edges, that go 1.2mm above your screen.

In addition to that, you also get a 2.5mm raised camera bezels, that make sure your iPhone’s rear cameras do not get scratched or damaged when the device is placed on a rough surface.

The case also provides a nice grip and is made with non-slip material, that prevents the device from falling out of your hands.

One of the biggest problems that we face with clear or transparent cases is the yellowing effect that appears after some time. Humixx says this case has gone through a bunch of processes that make sure the case maintains its clear look for a very long time.

You can buy the Humixx for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case with Magnetic Stand at a price of $35.98 here. You can avail a 20% discount by using the coupon code IP15CASE.

Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case

The second case that you should absolutely buy for your new iPhone 15 Pro Max is the Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case. This case adds IP68 waterproofing to your iPhone, allowing you to use it in outdoor sports, waterparks, around swimming pools, and more without working about damaging your device.

While this case’s waterproofing capabilities are enough to make you wanna buy it, it has other tricks up its sleeve that make it a great iPhone 15 Pro Max case.

With the Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case, you get 360-degree all-around protection for your device. This case features a built-in screen protector that not only protects water from getting into your device but also protects your device from scratches. Just like the front, you also get a scratch-resistant panel on the back, which comes with a built-in camera lens protector. When using this case, you don’t have to use a screen protector or camera lens protector with your device, as it protects your device from all sides.

A really nice thing about this case is that since it has a clear back panel, your device’s actual color will be visible on the back. This is great for those who want to protect their device while also showing off their favorite iPhone color to everyone.

Humix For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case is able to survive over 8,000 drops from 14FT heights, thanks to its military standard durability. This means you can take your device anywhere without worrying about damaging it in case you end up dropping it.

With this case, you get precise cutouts for speakers, buttons, and cameras. The case ships with a sound plug, that you can place into the speaker of your device to make the case completely waterproof, and remove it whenever you want to enjoy music or listen to audio from the speaker.

You can buy the Humixx For iPhone 15 Pro Max Waterproof Case at a price of 33.99. It comes in Black, Blue, and Clear options. You can get a 20% discount on the store price by using the promo code CASE1515 before checkout.

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