tvOS hack enables iOS like app folders on the new Apple TV

Apple TV Folders hack1

While the new Apple TV has been announced for months, it was made available for purchase recently. Now that the units have gone into the hands of users, hackers have already started to do the thing they do best, which is hacking the new software. The latest tvOS hack enables iOS style app folders on the operating system that powers the Apple TV, that will allow users to put apps in folders, rename them and manage apps easily on the homescreen. This is something that is not supported by tvOS yet, however developers found that the feature did exists in the operating system and was just not enabled, which is exactly what they did.

The hack was performed on tvOS by well known developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who has also performed several fun hacks on iOS and watchOS before. The hack was performed and is fully working on tvOS 9.0 as well as on tvOS 9.1 beta. Smith has detailed how app folders on the new Apple TV will work. He notes that users will be able to rename folders, delete an app that is placed in the folder using the play/pause button and the folders will offer 3×3 layout, which means each folder will host 9 apps on one page.Apple TV folders hack 3

Now that a complete folder system has been found within tvOS, we expect the feature will be officially making its way to the TV box near us with the release of tvOS 9.1.

Apple TV Folders hack

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