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A lot of people who use Youtube on their iOS devices say that one of their most wanted feature is the ability to download their favorite videos and store them locally on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While the official Youtube app does not offer this functionality, the new Cercube 3 tweak from Cydia can not only enable this feature for you but also give you access to a range of other useful features, making your experience of using Youtube much better. Cercube 3’s features integrate directly into the official Youtube app, which makes it feel like you are using native features.

The tweak adds a download button in the Youtube app’s video playback screen. It also includes a download manager from where you can view, delete and share you downloads. When downloading a video Cercube also allows users to choose the playback quality, so you can choose whether you want a 144p quality version or higher up to 1080p. In addition to viewing downloaded content right from Cercube 3’s built-in manager you can also export videos to the stock Videos and Music library. The ability to export to Music app is especially great, as you can download your favorite song from Youtube and export it to Music app without using a computer.

While Downloading is the main feature of this tweak, there’s much more that it offers. With Cercube 3 you can block Youtube ads, enable or disable auto replay, enable background playback, enable HD on cellular network, select a default playback quality and more.

You can download Cercube 3 from Cydia for free. It fully supports iOS 9 and iOS 8 powered devices.

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