5 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission In 2024

A phone tracker app is an invaluable tool for keeping kids safe. Advanced mobile trackers have useful features that allow users to track location on the map, set zones, and receive alerts without asking for consent. However, such apps keep emerging each day, and it’s difficult to choose the best phone tracker app without permission. For this reason, we have tested dozens of trackers to highlight only the most reliable ones. Scroll down to see our rundown of the top 5 mobile tracking applications in 2024.

1. uMobix

uMobix takes the top spot in our list for its ease of use and incredible package of monitoring features. This phone tracker captures any phone activity and location details with a peerless quality, which makes it the best phone location tracker app without permission. 

The app guarantees a quick installation process that doesn’t require special technical knowledge or a target person’s permission. If you are dealing with an Android device, you just need a 5-minute physical access to the phone to download a tracker. If your child has an iPhone, it’s enough to fill out the credentials to begin the tracking process. uMobix is one of a few phone tracker apps that run without draining the phone’s battery or slowing down the device. In addition, the app icon is completely hidden, so you can monitor any activity in a stealth mode. 

uMobix records real-time GPS locations every 5 minutes while the device is powered on. Moreover, the app logs all kinds of other activities on the phone: 

  • messages and calls
  • visited websites
  • private conversations
  • social media usage
  • keystrokes
  • camera records 
  • surrounding sound 

Parents can remotely access this data from their online dashboard, which archives all the historical phone activity. When everything is tallied up, from the easy installation to impressive tracking features, it all comes together to make a near-unbeatable suite for both pros and newbies alike.

2. mSpy

mSpy is arguably a big name in the mobile tracker industry and for a good reason. While being secure, it offers a wide suite of tracking capabilities. 

One of the most popular reasons to download mSpy is for its geofencing feature. This is where mSpy delivers. On top of basic GPS tracking, mSpy allows you to add customized safe zones on a map. If your child goes outside these pre-set boundaries, the app will automatically send alerts straight to your dashboard. This way, you don’t need to be stuck in your phone tracking your kid’s whereabouts every second. Instead, mSpy will notify you if they enter an area of concern so you can take immediate action. 

mSpy additionally allows you to see texts, media files, gallery, social media chats, and more. However, this extensive feature set does come at a cost. The lack of a free trial is also a drawback, but they compensate for it with a demo version that gives you a feel of the dashboard. 

3. eyeZy

If you are searching for a mobile tracker that works well both on iPhone and Android, don’t skip eyeZy. We have seen many monitoring apps that claim to run on most operating systems. However, in reality, compatibility issues frequently arise.

What sets eyeZy apart is its seamless cross-platform tracking capabilities. As the best phone tracker app without permission for iPhone, it’s truly powerful and pleasant to use. eyeZy can track any device regardless of where it is. More specifically, it offers: 

  • real-time GPS tracking 
  • location history 
  • geofence alerts
  • exact latitude and longitude
  • street names and time

Besides monitoring locations, eyeZy captures iMessages, phone call logs, browser history, and social media texts. It offers an intuitive, organized dashboard showing all the details at any time. An interesting feature is WiFi sync – having installed eyeZy on your PC, one-time physical access to the phone via a USB cable is required, and each time it connects to the same WiFi, you get fresh updates.

4. Cocospy

If you are looking for the best phone location tracker app without permission suited for different tracking needs, consider Cocospy. It offers flexible pricing plans and has an optimal price for business and family plans that include multiple devices. 

This phone tracker app is great to use and provides all essential functionalities. Cocospy allows users to view someone’s current location and previously visited places. For more precise reports, it also collects information from WiFi the phone is connected to. Like other competitors on the list, it’s also enhanced with a geofencing feature. 

What draws attention is that most features are available without rooting or jailbreak. This saves a great deal of time and nerves during the installation process. However, in terms of social media tracking, Cocospy still has room for improvement and can’t beat more advanced tools like uMobix. 

Overall, Cocospy is a wonderful option for people who plan to track several devices. When you consider its total bulk price, some minor compromises might be well worth it. 

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an excellent choice if you want to track Windows or Mac OS in addition to Android. While many parental control apps focus solely on mobile devices, Hoverwatch stands out for its compatibility with desktop and laptop computers.

In terms of location tracking, Hoverwatch doesn’t disappoint. This phone tracker app shows a detailed location of a cell phone in real-time and location history. Thanks to its WiFi scanner, Hoverwatch can detect someone’s coordinates even when GPS is off. 

The best part is that Hoverwatch allows you to perform phone tracking without rooting. In general, Hoverwatch is a quality phone tracker app that works on Android without permission and extra manipulations.

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