Best iPhone Apps To Keep Track Of Blood Sugar Levels

Apps for tracking blood sugar levels

Mobile apps have become increasingly useful for managing certain health conditions, such as diabetes. In addition to assisting with diet and exercise, they can also monitor glucose levels and manage symptoms.

Anyone with diabetes can benefit from these cleverly designed blood sugar tracker apps, regardless of whether they are newly diagnosed or have lived with diabetes for years. 

The following are some of the best apps for managing diabetes.

Best Apps to Track Sugar Levels

Almost all of the best diabetes management apps cover a few essentials. They can monitor your blood sugar, keep a calorie diary, and track your meals, among other things. Even if they sound similar, give them all a try because you never know which one will suit you best.

1. mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

Apps to track blood sugar levels,

You can track your diabetes with the mySugr app. Keep your data in one place and accessible at all times. The app allows you to record data about blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, diet, and medication intake.

For calculating your insulin dose, you can use a special calculator. You can view graphs and keep track of your blood sugar levels. You can even show your doctor a daily, weekly, or monthly report generated by the app if necessary.

Install mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log from the App Store now

2. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

Apps for diabetic patients

Diabetes sufferers who need to constantly monitor their glucose levels can use the Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker app. With the app, you can keep a special logbook that helps you track your disease.

There is a clear interface in the program, making it easy and convenient to use. 

Simply enter your measurements directly from your phone into the log to track your data. Be sure to record what time of day the measurement was taken, as well as how it varies based on food intake.

Moreover, the app can remind you to measure your blood sugar or take medication at a time you choose every day. 

Install Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker from the App Store now 

3. Diabetes Logs

Keeping track of your diabetes is easy and effective with Diabetes Logs. With Diabetes Logs, you can easily track and manage your diabetes. The app offers clear stats, offline and online data, and integration with HealthKit. 

Designed specifically for diabetics, this app tracks and monitors their blood sugar levels with clear and easy-to-understand statistics and graphs. 

The application lets you capture data online as well as offline, and automatically syncs new entries to the cloud when they are created. With the Health app, you can save and access blood sugar entries and workout data, and share them with your healthcare team in CSV format. 

Install Diabetes Logs from the App Store now

4. Diabetes App – Diabeto Log

Apps to track blood sugar levels

The Diabetes Tracker app for iPhone provides you with the modern logbooks you need to manage your diabetes. Using this iPhone app for diabetes, you can track your blood glucose readings, insulin, and medication intakes with the least amount of effort. 

On a single screen, you can see data from 4 days (7 days on iPad) of your blood glucose tests and medication intake. A quick input screen allows you to enter your blood glucose level, insulin or medication intake, and carbs eaten for a given period.

What else does the app offer?

  • Search system with multiple criteria to find the data you’re looking for
  • Make your records more specific by adding tags
  • Import data from Apple Health App about your activity, blood glucose, and insulin intake automatically
  • Use FaceID or TouchID to protect your data

Install Diabetes App – Diabeto Log from the App Store now

5. GLog : Glucose Logbook

This App lets you keep track of any type of diabetes you may have, cholesterol level, weight, blood pressure, and A1c. 

Put reminders in place for insulin and other medications and make notes in your records. With this app, you can keep a daily record of your sugar levels. To determine how much insulin to take per day, you can use a special calculator.

Like every other app on this list, this one also allows you to retrieve the data from the app and send it to your healthcare team. 

The easy-to-use user interface makes working with this app a breeze.

As a bonus, you can turn on notifications to make sure you don’t forget to take your medicines.

Install GLog : Glucose Logbook from the App Store now

6. Diabetes Pro

Diabetes apps for iPhone

There is no better and more powerful diabetes management tool available than Diabetes Pro. In contrast to other apps, this one has controls that are close to your thumbs, so you can get your entries in as quickly as possible. Besides tracking your inventory, statistical analysis, and testing locations, it also keeps track of all aspects of your diabetes.

Diabetes Pro also features:

  • Easy rotate testing locations with Finger Tracker
  • Low-supply alerts in the inventory tracker
  • Personalized auto-alerts
  • iCloud backups and syncing automatically
  • Fast, easy input through close-to-keyboard controls
  • Based on keywords to help you identify future trends and dose appropriately

Install Diabetes Pro from the App Store now

7. Diabetes Food Tracker ~ Fittur

Are you finding it difficult to manage your diabetes? Are you having trouble losing body fat because of diabetes? 

With the Diabetes Food Tracker App by Fittur, you can easily track your food intake and calculate your carbs. Fittur allows you to lose fat just as easily as non-diabetic friends. Eat the same foods while maintaining an ideal blood sugar level.

Your blood sugar levels can be controlled and you can lose weight with this food tracker.

Your food can be organized into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with just a right swipe.

You can find the perfect item for your meal and swipe it directly into your grocery cart using the database of millions of food items.

Install Diabetes Food Tracker ~ Fittur from the App Store now

8. Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker

Diabetes apps for iPhone

The Glucose Tracker app tracks blood sugar levels, weights, blood pressures, A1Cs, medications, carb count, and more. In this way, you can identify trends and log your data easily. You can display your data as a graph and send a report to a loved one or healthcare provider. If you want to be diligent about checking your blood sugar, you can schedule reminders. 

Additionally, the app tracks when you check your blood sugar, such as first thing in the morning, before a meal, or right before bedtime. In each record, you can also add a note.

The app is a comprehensive resource for both diabetic and prediabetic patients. You can also set up reminders to check your blood glucose levels with the app.  

Install Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker from the App Store now

Final Verdict

Overall, all the above-mentioned best diabetes apps offer the best diabetes management solutions due to their remarkable features. From your smartphone, you can monitor your glucose levels, connect to an integrated insulin pump, track trends in blood sugar levels, and manage meal plans using any of these apps. 

Additionally, they allow you to track your activity levels, food intake, medication, and hydration. 

So, which app would you consider downloading? Let us know in the comments section.

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