5 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For iPhone For 2018

In this article we have featured 5 of the Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For iPhone that you can download for free from the App Store. All of them come with their unique features, abilities and design. Read on to learn about these bitcoin wallets for iPhone.

Bitcoin is all the rage right now with the digital currency hitting all time high of $17,000. The cryptocurrency is expected to go even higher with analyst with insane predictions for its future. If you are an experienced Bitcoin owner or are just getting into the game, having a bitcoin wallet that is available on your iPhone is a must. And good news is there are plenty of great Bitcoin wallets out there, giving you wide range of options to choose from.

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Bread – bitcoin wallet

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Lets start our list of Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for iPhone with Bread Bitcoin wallet app. Bread bitcoin wallet is a beautiful bitcoin wallet is an easy to use and secure wallet that is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The app uses hardware encryption to ensure all your funds are secure right on your iPhone. The app also lets you backup and restore your wallet in case you lose your device. It also offers pin and Touch ID security that will prevent anyone from accessing your wallet even if they have access to your iPhone. You can download the Bread bitcoin wallet for free.


Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Coinbase is a great place to buy and store your bitcoins, etherium and litecoin. It lets you securely make bitcoin transactions without worrying about anything. Alongside Coinbase for iPhone, you can also manage your wallet from its website making your life more conveinent. Features include passcode protection, ability to remotely disable phone’s access to wallet in case it gets lost, price charts for popular cryptocurrencies and more. You can download Coinbase for free.

Blockchain – Bitcoin Wallet

If you are looking to manage your Bitcoin and Ether balances from the same wallet, then Blockchain bitcoin wallet is the way to go. It is safe and simple option that is packed with features. You can quickly create a wallet or access your existing one right after downloading the app. It comes with features like ability to have two-factor authentication for maximum security, pin security, backup and restore, currency conversions, over 25 language support, QR code support and more. You can download Blockchain Bitcoin wallet for free from the App Store.

Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin.com

Next on our list of best bitcoin wallets for iPhone is Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin.com. It is a full featured wallet that lets you store, buy and sell bitcoins right from one place. It comes with support for multiple languages, is open source and supports both Segwit Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You can download the Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin.com for free.

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet is a multiple platform cryptocurrency wallet that lets you manage your digital currency on iPhone as well as on your Mac. In addition to Bitcoin it also supports Ether, Litecoin and other currencies. It also has the ability to convert and show your balance in the currency of your choice. Features include pin security, backup and restore, multi-currency support, easy to use interface and more. You can download this Best Bitcoin Wallet App for iPhone for free.

So this was our list of best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for iPhone. Did you find an app you will be using? Let us know in the comments section below.

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