Best Gym Workout Logging Apps For iPhone

Best Gym workout logging apps

In this blog, we discuss the 7 best gym workout tracker apps that serve as your personal fitness diary, effortlessly organizing every detail, and leaving you with more brainpower for those intense deadlifts.

Let’s talk about turning those gym sessions into data-packed power moves – and no, we’re not talking about lifting your phone during bicep curls. 

So, have you ever hit the gym, nailed a killer workout, only to find yourself struggling to remember the exact number of reps and sets you conquered last time? It’s the kind of bummer that not only puts a dent in your post-workout high but also makes planning your next session a guessing game. We’ve all been there, but how do we get out of there?

Mental gymnastics don’t have to be a part of your daily workout routine, all thanks to apps for logging gym workouts.

The Definitive List of the Best Gym Workout Logging Apps in 2024

Every rep counts and progress is the name of the game and wokout logging apps allow a seamless, motivating, and data-packed fitness experience. So, next time you hit the gym, leave the guesswork behind and make use of any of these best gym workout tracker apps.

1. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

With a clean interface and intuitive features, Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log is a clear winner among the best apps to log gym workouts. On top of that, Strong 6.0 is currently available in early access, inviting users to join the waitlist for an exclusive entry into its intuitive workout tracking.

The reason behind its popularity is no unnecessary gimmicks, just a straightforward interface focused on delivering results. Plus, Strong accommodates all, optimizing itself for progressive barbell routines like Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5×5.

Moreover, from a comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises to the fully-featured Apple Watch app, Strong ensures you can record workouts effortlessly. With the ability to add your routines, choose between them, and tag sets as Warm Up, Failure, or Drop Sets, it’s all about your fitness journey, your way.

Now, the feature that marks it as one of the best gym workout tracker apps. Strong brings advanced statistics to the table, showcasing personal records, progression, and even calculating your one rep max and total weight lifted. 

Download Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

2. RepCount – Gym Workout Tracker

RepCount - Gym Workout Tracker

RepCount is your new go-to gym workout logging app that powerlifters, bodybuilders, and personal trainers worldwide vouch for. To cover the basics, RepCount offers a free, ad-free experience for logging unlimited workouts.

This means you can document every lift, set, and rep without any restrictions. More importantly, the freedom to create and customize workout programs and exercises according to your needs is the real winner. You don’t need to worry about limitations as RepCount ensures you have the flexibility to tailor your workout logging to your unique fitness journey.

Now, let’s talk premium perks. The intuitive superset feature takes your workout experience up a notch, allowing you to seamlessly transition between exercises. Plus, advanced statistics become your fitness ally as hardware-accelerated charts display volume, estimated one rep max, heaviest weight, and more.

What makes it one of the best gym workout tracker apps? You can enjoy first-class customer service and active development. If problems arise, simply send an email, and you can expect a swift response.

Download RepCount – Gym Workout Tracker

3. Fitlist Workout Log & Planner

Fitlist Workout Log & Planner

Fitlist lets you plan your routines, track your exercises, and analyze your stats. But what sets it apart among the best gym tracker apps for iPhone? Paperless workouts.

The creators have streamlined the process, allowing you to seamlessly add, track, and complete exercises with minimal effort. And you can do all of this, all while you’re in the midst of your workout, even if you’re sporting an armband.

Okay, so creating workouts is a breeze with Fitlist. A simple tap lets you add any exercise from a vast list of over 1000 options, constructing a workout in seconds. Need to adjust the order? Just drag.

Want to remove something? A swift swipe does the trick. And with Fitlist, you can easily share your workout results, download and exchange routines, and stay connected with friends, coaches, and trainers.

A single tap initiates your workout, and as you exercise, log weight or reps for strength training, and minutes or distance for cardio. Plus, the beautiful calendar view stores all your workouts for easy navigation, making it one of the best gym workout tracker apps.

Download Fitlist Workout Log & Planner

4. Setgraph: Workout Log

Setgraph: Workout Log

For the visually inclined fitness enthusiasts, Setgraph stands out from the rest of the apps for logging gym workouts. In a nutshell, it turns your workout data into easy-to-understand graphs, giving you a visual representation of your progress.

The real-time comparisons, dynamic graphs, and detailed analysis through graph filters paired with the activity calendar are motivation boosters. Plus it helps to track your consistency over weeks, months, and years. Moreover, Setgraph even sends workout reminders based on your preferences, ensuring you stay on track.

Furthermore, the integration with Apple Watch and Health & Fitness apps adds another layer of convenience. And it also offers customization and flexibility to accommodate various workout styles.

Whether you have a well-established routine or are just starting, the app provides an easy setup, making it one of the best gym workout tracker apps. What’s more, you can group your exercises by various criteria, from Workout and Muscle Group to Intensity and Duration. 

Download Setgraph: Workout Log

5. HeavySet – Gym Workout Log

HeavySet - Gym Workout Log

No frills, just results – that’s HeavySet for you and it doesn’t get better than this gym workout logging app in 2024.

With options like supersets, preset rest timers, rep and set ranges, and even AMRAP sets, you have the flexibility to tailor your routines to fit your fitness goals. The ability to estimate duration and gauge intensity adds an extra layer of precision to your workouts. Plus, you can create routines based on your previous sessions or import plain text routines for quick routine building. 

Logging your workouts becomes a breeze with intelligent suggested values. But it doesn’t stop there as the app provides progress charts tracking volume, estimated 1RM, reps, sets, and max weight. Moreover, the rest timer is a customizable tool with presets and quick modifiers.

And yes, there’s even a tempo timer metronome to keep your workout rhythm on point. The plate calculator and auto-advancing exercises add to the app’s user-friendly design, making it one of the best gym workout tracker apps. 

Download HeavySet – Gym Workout Log

6. StrengthLog – Workout Tracker

StrengthLog – Workout Tracker

For those who crave detailed insights into their workouts, StrengthLog is the best app to log gym workouts. And if you’re tired of those gym apps that promise the world but end up bombarding you with ads or locking you out unless you pay up, then guess what? This one comes without unwanted baggage as it’s 100% ad-free. Plus, there’s no sneaky payment trap waiting for you.  

You can log every workout, analyze your progress, and discover a routine tailored just for you. Have a special exercise or a unique routine? No worries, you can log an infinite number of workouts, add your exercises, and track your personal records.

The free version is designed to be the best strength training log in the market, offering basic stats, PR tracking, and a plethora of workouts for various goals. Now, if you decide to go premium, you can dive into advanced statistics, a full catalog of training programs, and features like quick stats for sets. Thus, marking it as one of the best gym workout tracker apps. 

Download StrengthLog – Workout Tracker

7. Stronger – Gym Workout Planner

Stronger - Gym Workout Planner

Stronger workout logging app excels in organizing your routines, making it easy to plan and execute your workouts. Dive into a vast exercise library, featuring 100+ exercises, and let AI recommendations tailor a custom training routine just for you.

Moreover, planning your weightlifting workouts becomes a breeze, thanks to Stronger’s intuitive interface that allows easy modifications to suit your fitness goals.

So, whether you’re targeting specific muscle groups or looking for a full-body workout, Stronger has you covered. You can strengthen your shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps, forearms, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves with meticulously designed exercises. Plus. you can organize these exercises into personalized workout routines and save your favorite combinations for efficient and structured training sessions.

Wrap up your workout week with Stronger’s unique fitness challenges – from lifting the weight of a T-Rex to a crocodile. These challenges keep your workouts fresh, making it one of the best gym workout tracker apps.

Download Stronger – Gym Workout Planner

Crush Your Goals 

Finish a set, glance at your phone, and see a summary cheering you on. The best gym tracker apps for iPhone give you an instant boost of motivation, a digital high-five that turns your ordinary workout into a personal victory march.

Beyond the basics, these apps analyze your data, share your achievements, give insights and tips, and so much more. So, you don’t have to fumble with notebooks, and no more deciphering those sweat-soaked notes. It’s time you experience a seamless log of your fitness triumphs neatly stored in your pocket.

So, which one of the seven best gym workout tracker apps did you like best? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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