9 Best Productivity Boosting Apps For Mac

Productivity boosting apps

In this blog, we discuss the best productivity apps for Mac, allowing you to reclaim control over your time, tasks, and overall digital sanity.

Welcome to the daily grind where you’re constantly drowning in a digital avalanche of tasks. Where desperately searching for that one file is a daily struggle and trying to keep your to-dos from turning into an unruly mob is an undying affair. 

Multitasking may be the game we’re all playing, but conquering it is no small feat. So, where does that leave you hanging amid this organized chaos? 

Look, it’s not just you. The constant juggling act can leave even the most adept individuals feeling a bit lost. But fear not, because, in this era of digital complexity, there’s a silver lining waiting to be discovered.

Time to Thrive: Breakthrough Productivity Apps for 2024

In the relentless pursuit of efficiency, these productivity-boosting apps become your secret weapons. So, let’s explore the nine best Mac apps for work and get you started on a productive year ahead. 

1. Planny • Daily Planner 

Planny • Daily Planner app for mac

When it comes to task management, many Mac productivity apps claim to have the solution, but Planny stands out from the crowd. Look, it’s not just about jotting down your tasks and forgetting all about them later. Planny takes it a step further by ensuring you not only remember your tasks but actually get them done. Its standout feature lies in its intelligent planning capabilities that mark it as one of the best productivity apps for Mac. 

Planny goes beyond mere list-making, offering a seamless integration of tasks with your calendar. This means you not only stay on top of your daily to-dos but also get a clear view of what lies ahead in the coming days. Moreover, Planny introduces a host of practical features to enhance your productivity. However, the implementation of time and location-based smart reminders is its winning feature.

Download Planny • Daily Planner now.

2. Agenda – Notes meets Calendar

Agenda - Notes meets Calendar app for Mac

Bring your notes and calendar together effortlessly with Agenda, one of the best productivity apps for Mac. Unlike other apps, Agenda doesn’t just focus on the past, present, or future. Instead, it beautifully integrates them into a single timeline, giving your projects a momentum like never before. Moreover, planning your projects and preparing for meetings becomes more seamless than ever. That’s because Agenda’s unique approach allows you to link notes directly to calendar events, ensuring you’re fully prepared for whatever comes your way. 

What sets Agenda apart is its ‘On the Agenda’ feature. Notes with special status get a dedicated overview in the sidebar, allowing you to find them in a flash. Plus, the app’s ‘Meaning Full’ text editor supports styles like headings, lists, tables, and preformatted text, handling the appearance while you focus on content. Now, the best part: Agenda is available on multiple devices and syncing is seamless via your iCloud or Dropbox account.

Download Agenda – Notes meets Calendar now.

3. Be Focused – Focus Timer

Be Focused - Focus Timer app for Mac

Struggling to stay focused? Be Focused Mac productivity app is here to rescue you. Navigating the distractions of our screen-centric world can be a real challenge, but with Be Focused, tackle your tasks head-on by breaking them into intervals, each followed by short breaks. 

Here’s the lowdown on what makes Be Focused your productivity partner. Firstly, you can start, pause, or skip intervals with a simple click. Want seamless transitions between tasks? Activate the auto-start option for the next timer. Listen, the customization options are where Be Focused becomes the best app to improve focus on Mac. You can tailor work interval duration, short and long break durations, and even set the number of intervals between those crucial long breaks. Additionally, Be Focused takes task management up a notch by letting you add notes and due dates to your tasks, estimate the intervals needed to finish, and track your progress. 

Download Be Focused – Focus Timer now.

4. Alfred

Alfred for Mac

The closest you can get to being Batman in real life, there’s a digital Alfred out there, bringing you as close to the Dark Knight experience as you can get in the world of best Mac productivity apps. With its sleek, keyboard-driven design, Alfred swoops in to give you the power to launch applications and search your local computer or the vast web with lightning speed. 

With quick shortcuts, it not only opens any application but also learns your preferences, prioritizing the ones you use most frequently. When it comes to finding things, this Mac productivity app takes the cake. From files and bookmarks to contacts and music, this app ensures you’ll never play hide-and-seek with your important documents again.  And if you need to broaden your search, Alfred’s got the ability to search the web or launch your favorite websites like Maps, Amazon, or Wikipedia at the speed of thought. 

Download Alfred now.

5. Magnet

Magnet for Mac

Tired of juggling multiple windows on your display? Well, Magnet swoops in to tackle that chaos seamlessly. The standout feature that makes it one of the best Mac productivity apps lies in the effortless arrangement of app windows. By a simple drag to the edge of your screen, you can resize any app to fill half of it. Taking it a step further, dragging windows to the corners snaps them neatly into quarters. Think about the clarity and the complete elimination of app hopping. 

What’s even better? Magnet is not just about halves and quarters. You can slide along the bottom edge, and enjoy thirds or even sixths on ultra-wide monitors. The flexibility it offers in arranging your workspace is unparalleled, adapting to your unique needs. Now, for keyboard enthusiasts, all these fantastic arrangements are just a keyboard shortcut away. You can pick from the pre-defined set or customize your shortcuts to match your workflow. 

Download Magnet now.

6. Cheatsheet Notes

Cheatsheet Notes for Mac

Ever wished you had a mental notepad for all those tiny details that slip through the cracks? Enter Cheatsheet, your pocket-sized memory bank that ensures you never forget the essentials or miss out on those lightbulb moments. It’s the ultimate solution for those hotel room numbers, license plates, luggage combinations, and elusive ID numbers that tend to play hide-and-seek in our minds. Thus making it one of the best Mac apps for work and beyond.

With a quick glance at the menu bar, you can effortlessly reference or copy the information you need. And if that’s not convenient enough, dive into the Notification Center widget or utilize Shortcuts (macOS 12+) for lightning-fast access. For iOS enthusiasts, Cheatsheet integrates seamlessly into your daily routine, making it one of the best Mac productivity apps. A simple swipe right on your lock screen, a peek at your Apple Watch, or a pull-up of the keyboard and Cheatsheet is ready to assist.

Download Cheatsheet Notes now.

7. Keep It

Keep It for Mac

Streamline your digital life with Keep It, your all-in-one solution for notes, links, documents, and more. One of its standout features lies in its cross-device functionality – available not only on your Mac but also as a standalone app for your iPhone and iPad. Thus ensuring that changes seamlessly sync across all devices through iCloud.

Creating a digital sanctuary for your thoughts, Keep It allows you to craft and edit notes with styles, checklists, and attachments. But there’s a reason it’s hailed as one of the best apps to improve focus on Mac. Web links can be saved with live previews or preserved as offline-viewable PDFs or web archives, catering to both online and offline needs. Moreover, this productivity app for 2024 supports Markdown documents, providing a preview and syntax highlighting in various styles. You can add highlights and notes to PDFs, seamlessly incorporate a variety of file types, and enjoy previews for most images, documents, web pages, and more. 

Download Keep It now.

GoodLinks for Mac

Bookmarking made smarter. GoodLinks elevates your bookmarking experience, allowing you to effortlessly save links and access them seamlessly across all your iOS and macOS devices. Plus, its commitment to user privacy and simplicity is an added bonus. You don’t need to create accounts, or watch ads and interrupt your flow, and certainly, there are no sneaky spying on your digital activities either. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to link organization that just works, making it one of the best productivity apps for Mac.

The best part? It’s a universal app, ensuring that your curated collection of links is readily available wherever you go. Plus, syncing links, tags, and reading positions is a breeze with iCloud Sync, eliminating the need for additional web service accounts. When it comes to adding and viewing links, GoodLinks sets a new standard in simplicity and speed. And for those who like to customize, GoodLinks offers a fully customizable experience for a more personalized touch.

Download GoodLinks now.

9. ScreenFloat – Screenshot Tools

ScreenFloat - Screenshot Tools for Mac

Let’s talk about transforming your Mac screenshot game, and no, it’s not just another screenshot app. We’re talking about ScreenFloat, your key to unleashing the full potential of screenshots and recordings. You can capture Screenshots as well as Recordings effortlessly with this powerhouse. Whether it’s keyboard shortcuts, menu bar icons, or importing from your iPhone or iPad, ScreenFloat has you covered. Need to re-capture? No worries, no need to reframe the capture area. It’s that easy. So if you’re someone like me who has to take a lot of screenshots for work, this is the best Mac app for work-related captures.

What sets ScreenFloat apart? Floating Shots hover above all apps and windows, always in sight no matter what space you’re in. You can scroll through shots to adjust opacity, right-click to pick colors, redact content with a simple right-click, or set up double-click actions for custom workflows. And the best part? Drag shots seamlessly to other apps in your preferred format and quality.

Download ScreenFloat – Screenshot Tools now.

Stay Ahead, Stay Productive

In a world where time is both a luxury and a challenge, these productivity-boosting apps promise not just an organized desktop but a smoother, more efficient way of life. From daily planners and focus timers to efficient note-taking and workspace organization, your Mac is now armed with the ultimate digital arsenal. 

As you embark on this journey to reclaim control over your digital domain, remember that the best apps to improve focus on Mac are designed to make your Mac work smarter, faster, and more intuitively for you. The daily grind may be relentless, but armed with these tools, you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving. 

So, which one of the productivity apps for 2024 caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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