Best Widget Apps to Add Data Usage Stats On Home Screen

Widget apps for adding usage stats on home screen

In this blog, we discuss the five best usage stat widget apps for iPhone so you get useful information like battery usage, storage usage, and data usage right on the home screen.

How often do you check your data usage throughout the day? Probably not as often as you should, right? When you’re out and about, streaming your favorite tunes or scrolling through social media, you’re blissfully unaware of the gigabytes slipping away in the background. That’s when the dreaded text from your carrier, “You’ve reached 90% of your data limit.” hits you like a brick. Or perhaps you like to keep tabs on how much storage is in use on your iPhone.

There’s a way to avoid all the panic and drama this one text brings – widget apps to add data usage on the home screen.

Never Exceed Your Limit Again: Data Usage Widget Apps for iPhone

Digging through settings menus? Relying on carrier notifications to keep track of your data usage? Going into Settings to see how much disk space is used on your iPhone? Forget all about it as data usage widget apps for iPhone give you all the information you need right where you need it – on your home screen. So, let’s get on with it and discuss our five favorites, shall we?

1. Usage Widgets

Usage Widgets app for iPhone

Hold onto your hats because this isn’t your average widget app to add data usage on home screen. The features-packed data usage widget app for iPhone is designed to make your data tracking experience a breeze with monthly and daily data usage tracking.

With Usage, you’ll never be left in the dark about where your precious gigabytes are going. Plus, you get real-time network connection monitoring, complete with receiving and sending speed updates.

Moreover, Usage also offers precise memory allocation breakdowns by four categories and detailed storage usage insights. Oh, and did we mention the battery graph? Because yes, it’s there too, keeping you informed about your device’s power levels at all times.

With 21 home screen widgets at your disposal, fully customizable super widgets, and even new lock screen widgets, you’ll have all the data you need right at your fingertips. 

Download Usage Widgets

2. Battery Widget & Color Widgets

Battery Widget & Color Widgets app for iPhone

Battery Widget & Color Widgets is not only an iPhone usage stats widget app free of cost but also helps monitor your battery usage. Speaking of, you’ll find a graphical display of your battery level, complete with indicators for discharging, charging, and full modes.

Plus, with low-power mode notifications, you’ll always know when it’s time to conserve energy. And with a graphical display of screen brightness levels, you can easily adjust to your preferred settings with a glance.

Now, let’s talk storage. With real-time monitoring of your storage usage, including graphical displays of used and free disk capacity, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space again. And when it comes to memory management, this data usage widget app for iPhone has you covered there too.

With real-time monitoring of memory usage and visualization of active, inactive, wired, and free memory allocation, you’ll have a clear picture of your device’s performance at all times.

Download Battery Widget & Color Widgets

3. Smart Battery Widget

Smart Battery Widget app for iPhone

With Smart Battery Widget, you can monitor your iPhone’s Battery, Storage, and Network activity in one convenient widget. Zeroing in on battery monitoring, not only does this iPhone data usage widget provide real-time updates on your Battery state and percentage, but there’s more. It also offers four different estimations for Audio playback, Video playback, Talk time, and Gaming time remaining hours. Plus, with its daily graph of battery usage, you’ll never be caught off guard again.

Next on the list is Storage monitoring. Smart Battery Widget keeps you informed about your device’s storage status, including total volume, free space, and used space.

It also offers estimations for download/import Audio, download/import Video, number of photos you can shoot, and Podcasts you can save, all based on your device’s free space. As for Network monitoring, whether you’re using cellular or Wi-Fi, this data usage widget app for iPhone has got you covered. 

Download Smart Battery Widget

4. Battery Widget: CPU Disk Usage

Battery Widget: CPU Disk Usage app for iPhone

This data usage widget app for iPhone not only keeps tabs on your battery but also offers insights into CPU and disk usage. Precisely speaking, Battery Widget provides accurate real-time frequency calculation for your device’s CPU.

This means you can monitor your device’s performance with precision, ensuring it’s always running at optimal levels. Moreover, from system hardware details to operating system insights, Battery Widget gives you a comprehensive overview of your device’s inner workings. 

The best part about this battery widget for the home screen is that it also offers invaluable network and carrier support. You can keep track of your data usage, monitor network speed, and stay informed about your connection status, all in real time.

And speaking of real-time monitoring, with its ability to check memory and storage usage information, you can ensure your device has enough space to handle whatever comes its way. And it goes above and beyond with features like AirPods and Bluetooth device detection, as well as a handy Wi-Fi detector. 

Download Battery Widget: CPU Disk Usage

5. Network Utility

Network Utility app for iPhone

Network Utility provides detailed information about your network, including data usage. With this widget that shows data usage, you can also easily analyze your LAN and gain insights into your device’s network interfaces. Whether it’s your IP, IPv6, or data usage statistics for Wi-Fi, Internet, or Cellular connections, Network Utility has got you covered.

When it comes to monitoring your data usage, with just four taps, you can set up a data monitor tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a 90-day plan, the Network Utility data usage widget app for iPhone has the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Moreover, with just a couple of taps, you can analyze your Wi-Fi network, identify connected devices, and even ping them. Plus, you can easily manage custom subnets to scan specific portions of your LAN. 

Download Network Utility

Take Charge of Your Data

If you’re tired of the anxiety-inducing game of data roulette and ready to reclaim control of your iPhone experience, look no further than the best data usage widget apps for iPhone. 

These nifty little tools are like having a personal data watchdog. They constantly keep tabs on your usage and alert you before things spiral out of control. Therefore, once you start using these tools, you won’t find yourself buried under the endless stream of apps, trying to figure out where all your precious data went. 

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