Boom 3D Is The Ultimate Audio Enhancer App For Mac (Review)

Boom 3D App Apps volume control
Boom 3D App for Mac

If you’re looking for the perfect Audio Enhancement app that could bring a system-wide equalizer feature to the Mac, then you need to read our review of the Boom 3D app.

This is a powerful audio enhancement app that is available on both macOS and Windows platforms.

What makes Boom 3D a must-have app for Mac users is its ability to transform Mac’s audio output. The incredible changes it brings to your Mac’s audio are not limited to any specific app as you can use this app to enhance your audio experience for apps like Safari, Music, Spotify, Netflix, Chrome, and many more and control your Mac audio from a single app.

Features of the Boom 3D App

3D Surround and 31-band Equalizer

Boom 3D app

Boom 3D app features 3D Surround Technology, that works with Mac’s external speakers, all headphones, and external speakers. You also get access to EQ and Volume boost settings that give you full control over how audio is outputted from your Mac.

The 3D Surround feature of the Boom 3D app for Mac can elevate your experience of watching movies, playing games, and listening to music on your computer. This feature improves the audio output of any device no matter if you are using an expensive surround sound booster or a normal and inexpensive pair of headphones.

With the Boom 3D app you get an advanced 31-band equalizer that lets you do precise audio tuning. So no matter which genre you are listening to this app will help you achieve better results.

The built-in Equalizer presets you get with this app include Pop, Flat, Loud, Classic, Party, Hiphop, Jazz, Reggae, Deep, and more.

Volume Booster and Apps Volume Controller

On the Mac app users of the Boom 3D app get access to the Boom Volume Booster feature. This feature boosts the volume of the Mac system-wide beyond normal audio limits. A good thing about the Volume Booster feature is that it can increase the volume without disturbing the audio quality.

Boom 3D App Apps volume control

Another highlighting feature that you get with this audio enhancement app for Mac is the Apps Volume Controller. This is a powerful volume controller that enables you to easily control the volume of individual apps on your Mac. This means you can set the audio level and volume for apps, games, and music apps according to your liking and control their volume from one place.

Built-in Music player and Radio

Boom 3D app features a built-in music player that allows users to play music that is stored on their Mac with Boom effects. In addition to that you can enhance your audio experience in the music player app of your choice including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.

In the mood to listen to the Radio on your Mac? You get to choose from over 20,000 worldwide radio stations right inside the Boom 3D app. You choose from both local and international radio stations.

My experience with Boom 3D for Mac

The Boom 3D is one of those desktop apps that you realize the importance of after you start using them. After installing Boom 3D app on my Mac I can safely say that I cannot go back to the stock macOS audio experience.

The amazing 3D Surround sound and the enhanced bass that is delivered after you turn the Boom 3D app on is truly remarkable. This is demonstrated when you click on the Boom button, which enables or disables the equalizer, volume boost, and other effects all at once. There you can see and compare the huge difference this app makes to your Mac’s audio.

No matter if you are watching a movie, playing games, or listening to music on speakers or headphones, the enhanced audio experience you get with this app is far superior to what you get on the Mac by default.

Unlike the Boom for iOS app, which we have also reviewed in detail, the Boom 3D app for Mac supports Spotify as the audio effects are implemented system-wide. This means you get a much better Spotify experience when the Boom 3D app is running. This includes improved bass, clarity, and volume.

The built-in advanced audio player of the Boom 3D app also offers a great audio listening experience, allowing you to play any songs that are stored on your computer. The intuitive controls are similar to those found in any other music app but with added audio boosting and equalizer features.

I am particularly a fan of the Volume Control for apps feature, which gives you the ability to control the volume of individual apps right from the Boom 3D app’s interface. You can also control the output controls of your Mac from the app’s interface.

Boom 3D App for Mac menu bar

Boom 3D app offers a nicely designed Mac menu bar app interface, which gives you quick access to the most useful controls. With the menu app control 3D Surround, Equalizer settings, change the audio output device, enable or disable Boom features, etc without having to launch the full-fledged app, which is convenient.

You can download Boom 3D for free on Mac and Windows from its official website. You can also download Boom 3D app from the Mac App Store.

The app offers a free 30-day trial without limitations after which you have to purchase a full lifetime license for $14.99 (down from the normal price of $25). The license is valid for use on 2 Macs, users, or accounts.

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