Make iPhone Sound Infinitely Better With Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer App (Review)

Boom Bass Booster App for iPhone

The sound coming out of your iPhone lacks bass and a 3D surround effect that you can get from other devices. This can be felt when listening to music on your AirPods or streaming music to a Bluetooth speaker.

I wanted to change things and gain more control over how music is played on my iPhone. After trying the EQ settings found inside the iPhone’s Settings app, dissatisfaction grew. That is until I tried the Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app for iOS.

This is a powerful bass booster and equalizer app for iPhone and iPad, which allows users to enhance the audio output of their device with the help of its bass booster feature, customizable 16-band equalizer, and custom presets. This app’s 3D Surround sound feature is something you cannot go back from, no matter whether you are a music listener who plays his jams on headphones or external speakers.

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer App Features

Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app iOS

With the Boom Bass Booster app, you get the 3D Surround Sound feature that uses patented technology to deliver mind-blowing sound to any pair of headphones.

The Bass Booster feature gives users the ability to amp up their music and greatly enhance the bass. If you like bass-heavy music, then this feature alone makes this app an essential install for your iPhone.

Don’t want to spend time setting up EQ? No worries the Boom Bass Booster app features 20 EQ presets including Vibrant, Dubstep, Electronic, Hiphop, Jazz, and more. You can also create your own presets and save them for later use, which is a convenient feature.

With this app, you get support for the TIDAL streaming service, which means you can use it to enhance the music and audio you play on the TIDAL platform.

The Boom Bass Booster app allows you to stream audio from over 40,000 Radio stations and Podcasts. Listening to radio and podcasts with this app is very different than the stock Podcast app on iPhone as with this app you get enhanced audio that elevates your listening experience to another level.

You can use the Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app to enhance the music stored on your iPhone. In addition to that you can also play music stored on your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Have music on your Mac or Windows PC? No problem, just add songs to your iOS device’s Files app and you can play them with the Boom Bass Booster app without any troubles.

The app offers full support for Apple CarPlay, which means you can play your favorite enhanced music in CarPlay or any other infotainment system.

With this app, you get a sleek and user-friendly interface, which is like any intuitive music app. This is something I especially like about this app as it does not feel like I am using some complex audio-enhancing app to play your music, as the whole experience feels very similar to Apple Music or Spotify apps.

For those with an Android device, the Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app is also available on the Google Play Store.

My experience with using the Bass Booster app

Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app iOS

When I first stumbled upon the Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app I was unaware of the fact that such a solution was even possible for iOS. After years of being disappointed by Apple’s EQ options in the Settings app using such an app was a breath of fresh air and the app has earned a permanent spot on my home screen. The only thing that disappointed me about this app is the lack of Spotify support, however, that seems to be the limitation of the Spotify service more than that of the Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app.

The deeper bass and immersive 3D Surround audio experience that you get with this app makes listening to music, radio, and podcasts on iPhone a much richer and more satisfying experience. The 3D Surround Sound feature of this app adds a layer to your music that is hard to give up once you get to experience it.

When it comes to bass the app strikes a perfect balance, keeping it punchy and robust, without overpowering.

The selection of around 20 EQ presets is also sufficient and delivers something for music listeners of all tastes. The ability to create Custom presets, something you cannot do on the iPhone means you can create the perfect sound signature depending on your mood.

The app strikes a perfect balance between functionality and looks with a user interface that seems familiar to anyone who has ever used a music app. You don’t get overly complicated audio controls or technical jargon, although they are still there for expert audiophiles who know how to take advantage of them.

Boom Bass Booster app’s ability to play any song that is stored in your Files app, Dropbox, or Google Drive in addition to any song stored on your iPhone’s Music app means you can enhance any song you like. And the TIDAL streaming service support is a cherry on top and makes this app a must-have for anyone who is a TIDAL subscriber.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a powerful audio-enhancing app that offers ease of use and seamless integration with various music sources.

Pricing and availability

Boom Bass Booster & Equalizer app comes with a 3-day free trial after which you can purchase a 6-month subscription for $11.99 and a 1-year subscription for $29.99. A lifetime subscription is also available for this app for $29.99. All subscriptions can be purchased through in-app purchases.

Download Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app

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