Discover How To Find Location By Phone Number For Free

Have you ever had a gut feeling that your child is going to dangerous places or wondered where in the world your partner is? Or, maybe you’re trying to track down an old friend but only have their phone number? With the right tools and techniques, it’s actually possible to track phone location by phone number for free.

In this post, we will break down how phone number tracking works and guide you through free ways to look up any mobile on the map.

Is There Any Chance to Track a Phone Number at All?

The first thing you should understand is that phone numbers are tied to geographic areas. When a number is registered with a carrier, it’s assigned to a specific area. So, by looking up which company a number belongs to, you may get a general idea of what city or state it’s from. But it’s just the beginning. 

There are specialized services that can track any cell phone by number. Such websites can show you the full street address with exact latitude and longitude. When you think, it’s pretty amazing what you are able to find out just by someone’s cell phone number!

Proved Ways to Track Cell Phone by a Number for Free 

Below, we will share several actionable techniques to track a phone number location free of charge. Whether you need to check your kid’s whereabouts or confirm where a friend or business contact is on a Google map, these methods are for you. 

1. Use an Online Phone Number Tracker

A phone number tracking website is a useful online tool that can help you identify the exact geolocation of any person. There’s no need for a ton of personal details or app installation. Having just a phone number, such services anonymously detect real-time GPS coordinates. Some advanced trackers such as or also show the IP address, WiFi network, and VPN connection. Using these websites, you can simply type in phone number and find location free online without raising suspicion. 

The process is rather simple: 

  1. After submitting someone’s number, the phone tracker website will generate different text messages to choose from. 
  2. You need to select the SMS and send it to the target person anonymously via the platform. 
  3. When they click the link, the tracker will display their current location along with longitude and latitude. 

The best part is that the monitored person won’t even know they are being tracked. In addition, such websites as are compatible with both Android phones and iPhones since they are web-based. 

2. Install a Phone Tracking App

Another way to track a phone number is to download a special monitoring app. Such apps are usually designed to control children, family members, and employees. They allow you to discreetly monitor a phone’s geolocation history and whereabouts in real time.

To get started, you need to choose a reliable tracking app and create an account. Opt for verified applications like uMobix or Then, download the app on the other person’s phone and proceed with the installation process. These apps usually run quietly in the background once set up. Then, just log into your account to access your personal dashboard. You’ll be able to view real-time GPS, location history, recent activity, and other crucial mobile activities.

As a rule of thumb, downloadable tracking apps get updated every 5 minutes. This means that monitoring happens constantly, and you will be able to receive fresh reports without any extra manipulations. 

3. Rely on Manufacturer Applications 

If you are trying to restore a missing mobile or find where someone’s phone is, check if they have a built-in tracking app from their manufacturer. 

For iPhone users, Find My iPhone helps to track the precise location of any Apple device associated with a specific iCloud account. As long as the phone is turned on and connected to the internet, it is possible to see its detailed coordinates. In case the iPhone you are trying to detect is off, you will be able to see the history of all previously visited places. 

If the holder uses Android, you can track cell phone number with the Find My Device app. This application was designed by Google to help people remotely find, ring, and lock a phone linked to the Google account. In addition, Find My Device allows you to wipe off personal data in case you worry about identity theft.

4. Try a Free Phone Number Lookup Service

One easy way to track down the physical location of a phone number is to use a free online phone checking service. Such sites allow you to search their extensive databases of public records, phone books, and user-submitted listings just by entering a phone number. In seconds, the service pulls up the target person’s name and address details. 

While privacy settings can limit the amount of information that you can acquire, the results are still amazing, especially considering they come absolutely for free. Phone number checking services rely on various public sources to provide geolocation details like city, state, zip code, and sometimes even street address. The results aren’t always 100% accurate but can give you a general idea of where someone is.

5. Search Social Media Profiles

Social media can provide more information about anyone than you might think. Carrying out a little research in social media is a great way to track a phone number location for free. You can try to enter the phone number in the search bar of the social media platform and browse the profiles that show up. Even if the number isn’t linked, you may find profiles with the number specified in the bio or contact sections. 

But what then, you might wonder. The answer is simple. By browsing through a target person’s profile, you may find location details based on what people voluntarily provide. For example, on someone’s Facebook account, you can notice details like their hometown, geotags, check-ins to local businesses, and references to specific locations in the comments. 

Instagram also lets you geotag photos and list your location in your bio. The Instagram map feature demonstrates all the places someone has shared. Twitter may also list users’ self-declared locations and mentions of specific venues, restaurants, or events. By adding someone’s LinkedIn to your connections, you can figure out where that person works or studies. 

Final Thoughts 

To choose the most fitting method to track a cell phone number, consider how precise the location report needs to be. If you are fine with approximate address check-ups, opt for phone lookup services or social media searches. However, if location accuracy matters most, using an online phone tracking website or monitoring app would be your best bet.

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