Do ETX’s Trading Apps Deliver?

As someone who had traded with both Day Trade and Stocks and Shares options in the past, I now struggle to find the time to go down the conventional trading routes. I have experimented with a few trading apps recently, but have found most to be somewhat lacking in the overall trading experience – most felt too far removed from the traditional methods. ETX’s Trading Apps promised innovative, viable alternatives, so I gave both the ETX Trader Pro and ETX Binary apps a whirl on my iPhone.

Initial Impressions

Both apps have a sleek, professional feel to them, with tasteful colour schemes. The look and feel of apps hasn’t really registered with me before, but I have come to find that it really matters and contributes significantly to the overall trading experience. More importantly, the apps are both intuitive and easy to use. The Trader Pro app guides users through the app when it is first opened up – a very useful feature for people like me who get frustrated when they can’t find what they are looking for. The Binary app offers a Demo account – meaning you can ‘test drive’ the app without making any financial commitments – again, a handy feature to help users get to grips with the technology.

On the Go?

I wanted my trading apps to deliver whilst on the move – this was a vital feature for me, as someone with 40 minutes spare in my daily commute. I found both apps to be highly effective on the move, and – again – the designs are geared towards a user-friendly experience wherever you happen to be. Real-time updates are rapid (every 3 seconds), and you can easily add funds to your account. Security is well-considered too; both apps log out automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. The Trader Pro app offers Touch iD, and whilst the newer Binary app doesn’t yet offer this feature, a unique username is created for you – instead of an email address – which makes it much harder for people to hack into your account. You can easily turn automatic login on or off, so you can feel confident and secure when using your app in a public place.

The Trading Process

I sometimes find apps can be quite restrictive in comparison to their online counterparts; after all, there is only so much you can fit in within the space of small screen. However, ETX’s apps both pack a punch – there seems to be no compromise. In my opinion both apps actually improve the trading experience; the speed is exciting, and the easy-to-use designs are leading me to discover new markets and trading options. You can create watch lists to keep an eye on appealing trading options, and access your trading history. A key advantage of using one of ETX’s apps is the ability to easily monitor your trading options; comparisons and trade alerts are simple to set up to ensure you don’t miss out.


ETX apps offer users innovative, viable and intuitive alternatives for people to trade. Both apps create trading arenas that are exciting and informative. The most beneficial aspect? Everything you need to trade is available at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

What are your thoughts on using an app to trade?

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