Google Duo Wants to Beat Facetime With Its Unique Selling Points

Google Duo iOS

When it comes to communication apps the market is pretty saturated. In addition to big players such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc companies like Apple who own the platform also offer built-in services. Despite all that we constantly see new and exciting apps getting released in the App Store that aim to make communicating easier. Google has recently launched the Google Duo app, which brings easy and cross platform video calling to all iOS devices.

Facetime pretty much dominates the video calling market on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, however it has certain weak points. Google Duo has managed to make those weak points its strengths as it is also available on Android in addition to iOS. With Facetime only being on iOS, many users who have friends and family using Android would consider switching. Another really cool feature of Google Duo is called Knock Knock. It enables users to see live previews of the call before accepting it. So when someone is calling you on your iPhone, you will be able to see their Facetime before accepting the call. This is such a great feature, as you can be sure if you want to accept the call or not. Facetime on the other hand only shows you the video of the other person after you have accepted the call.

Google Duo offers high quality videos and has been optimized for slower networks. The call will adjust to changing network conditions while making sure you are not disconnected.

You can download the Google Duo app from the App Store for free using the link below.

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