Halide Camera Updated To Enable iPhone SE To Take Portrait Mode Photos With Pets And Objects

Listen up 2020 iPhone SE users, popular camera apps Halide Camera and Spectre Camera have been updated to fully support your newly released device. The arrival of official support means that you will be able to take full advantage of these powerful photography apps and do things that are not possible with the stock Camera app.

Perhaps the biggest limitation that iPhone SE users face when it comes photography is Portrait mode support being limited to people only. Unlike the iPhone 11 devices the newly released iPhone SE can only take portrait photos of people only, leaving out objects and perhaps more importantly pets. However using the Halide Camera app you can take portrait shots with blur background and bokeh filter for pets as well as objects.

The Halide Camera app not only brings the portrait mode for Pets and Objects to iPhone SE, and gets rid of the “no person detected” error when using the Portrait mode in stock Camera app, but it also proves that Apple has kept the portrait mode’s pets and objects feature limited to dual-camera devices on purpose. It shows the company is not limited by the constraint imposed by the device’s single lens. This is similar to how iPhone XR users can also take portrait shots of pets and objects using third-party apps but not stock app.

You can download Halide Camera app from the App Store for $5.99. Spectre Camera on the other hand is available as a separate download for $2.99.

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