Right Way To Disinfect Your iPhone, iPad, Trackpad, Mouse, and Keyboard

Disinfect iPhone

Disinfect iPhone

In this guide we are going to show you how you can clean and disinfect your iPhone, iPad, Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard. By doing so you can keep yourself protected and avoiding spreading germs and bacteria.

Our gadgets are among the most commonly used items in our daily lives. You might think your accessories are clean but studies suggest an iPhone’s screen can be dirtier than your toilet seat.

Our most favorite tech accessories such as phone, mouse, keyboard, or trackpad can be risky for our health as they are the carriers of germs! And we hardly bother to clean or disinfect them properly. The importance of keeping our iPhone, iPad, keyboards, mouse, trackpads and other commonly used items clean has become even more important in today’s COVID-19 pandemic world.

A word to wise: sanitize your gadgets especially if you share them with other people…  

Disinfecting your gadgets does not take long nor it is difficult. You can clean your iPhone in just under a minute. So, keep reading to learn the right way to disinfect your iPhone, iPad, trackpad, mouse, keyboard or any other gadget and pick some healthy habits!

Things You Need To Disinfect Your Gadgets: 

No, I am not talking about simple damp cloth. In order to sanitize your accessories properly, you need to have:

  • Alcohol-based disinfectant with at least 60 to 70 percent of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl.
  • Microfiber cloth, Paper towel or lint-free cotton cloth.
  • If you want, you can use antibacterial sprays or wipes with the required amount of rubbing alcohol.
  • Compressed air to blow out the dust.

Now straight to work…

Disinfect your iPhone or iPad:

You can disinfect your iPhone, iPad or any other touch screen device using these steps. Before beginning, remove any case that you are using with your device.

  1. Take a microfiber cloth or lint-free cotton cloth and damp it in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or cleaning spray until its damp.
  2. Wipe down your iPhone from both front and backsides using the microfiber cloth.
  3. Now dip a Q-Tip or a cotton swab and clean the edges of the device.

You can also clean and disinfect your device with a Clorox wipe, however make sure it is not too moist and you clean all sides of the device. You should also thoroughly clean and disinfect any protective cases your are using with your iPhone or iPad before putting it back on the device.

Disinfect Desktop Keyboard:

Make sure you have disconnected your keyboard or the batteries are removed. Turn it upside down, and shake it a bit to let the dust particles out of the grooves between the keys. Here you may need to use compressed air on the keyboard to blow out the dust. 

With a slightly damp cloth, remove the remaining dust from the surface, in and around the keys. Once you are done, grab alcohol wipes or spray and clean every corner of the keyboard carefully. Make sure you also clean and disinfect the wire of the keyboard (if it has one).

Let it dry properly, before you plug-in the keyboard. 

Disinfect MacBook Keyboard:

First thing first, shut down your MacBook and unplug the charger. Before disinfecting, clean the surface of your laptop keyboard with a clean and damp cloth. Make sure there is no greasy surface. 

After cleaning the MacBook keyboard, use spray or alcohol wipes and sanitize the surface of your notebook. Remember, you don’t use too much liquid on your MacBook as it can seep down into the keyboard and damage its functioning. 

Let your MacBook dry before you turn it on. 

Note: Make sure you are gentle while disinfecting your laptop. 

Disinfect Your Trackpad:

Again, ensure there is no power supply to your laptop before disinfecting the MacBook’s trackpad. In order to sanitize the trackpad, take wipes or alcohol spray, and wipe the surface of the pad gently. Make sure the area around the pad, where you place your hands, is also properly sanitized.

Disinfect Your Mouse:

As you disinfected the keyboard, unplug the mouse or if it’s a wireless one, remove its batteries. Take a damp cloth and clean its surface thoroughly. 

Grab alcohol spray or antibacterial wipe and sanitize it completely. Once it is dry, plug it in again and use it. 

Some Useful Tips to Keep Your Gadgets Clean:

Once you have disinfected your keyboard, mouse, and trackpad, it is important to keep them clean by following a few tips below:

  • Don’t eat or drink on or near your computer-table or laptop
  • Make it a habit to wash your hands before and after using your gadgets 
  • Keep disinfecting material within your reach to remember you have to disinfect ideally on a daily basis.
  • Cover the keyboard with skin or cover to prevent dust from entering the keyboard. 
  • Keep your laptop in the bag when you are not using it. 

Keeping your accessories and gadgets clean and disinfected is easy and does not take long. So, it is important to make it your habit and enjoy a healthy routine! 

If you want to share more tips, hit the comments below. 

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