Groups Tweak Makes Messages App Less Messy By Putting Conversations In Groups

Groups tweak

Groups tweak

The stock Messages app can get a little messy, making it difficult for users to find the conversations that really matter to them. While Apple needs to do a better job at providing users with the ability to better organize the conversation list page, a new Jailbreak tweak called Groups has taken upon itself to improve the user-experience for iPhone and iPad users.

The newly released Groups tweak by developer Ryan Trent brings a modern feel to Apple’s Messaging app by making it possible for users to add conversations to one or more groups. Users are given the opportunity to create new groups and name them according to their preferences, and then put conversations from individual friends and group chats in various groups. For example you can create separate groups for work, family, friends and more.

Adding a conversation to a group is as seamless as it could get. You can simply swipe right on the conversation cell in order to add it to a group. The whole process is so intuitive and well designed that it feels like a native iOS feature.

Once you have added all of your conversations to your desired groups, you can access a list of groups by tapping on the ‘Groups’ button from the top left corner of the screen. Upon tapping on this button you get a list of groups that you have created. .

You can simply tap on the group that you want to access and see all of the conversations that are part of it in one place, without any distraction or clutter.

Groups tweak also makes it easier to find conversations that have unread messages by displaying the group name in red.

Groups tweak is compatible with iOS 12 and iOS 13. It can be downloaded on from Cydia, Sileo or any other package through the Dynastic repo, where it is available for $1.49.

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