Hide My Bar App For macOS Hides Touch Bar When You Don’t Want To Use It

Hide My Bar app macOS

A new app called Hide My Bar for macOS allows users to prevent accidental touches by hiding the MacBook Touch Bar when not needed.

MacBook Pro users are often seen complaining about accidentally hitting the Touch Bar of their device and triggering an unwanted action. If you are one of those users who are annoyed by this issue, then a new app called Hide My Bar is here to help.

Hide My Bar is designed to help users in preventing accidental taps on the Touch Bar. This app can turn off the Touch Bar essentially turning it into a non-functional black bar above your keyboard. You can quickly disable MacBook Pro Touch Bar by double pressing the Control ^ Key.

Hide MacBook Pro Touch Bar

By disabling the touch bar you can focus on your task and stop worrying about hitting a Touch Bar key.

There’s no denying that the MacBook Touch Bar also serves some useful functions that you might need to use while working on a document or writing code.

Hide My Bar takes care of this by putting useful controls such as the brightness buttons, keyboard brightness and volume buttons on the Mac menu bar in one place. You can use these handy controls to perform these actions while the Touch Bar remains hidden.

When you are done typing and want to access the Touch Bar again, you can easily do so by double pressing the Control  ^ key to bring it back.

You can download Hide My Bar for macOS from the official product page here. The app costs $2.99 however you get a 10 day free trial before you need to buy it.

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