List of popular apps that have been updated for iOS 7

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iOS 7 has been released to public and users have already downloaded the radically redesigned software update for the OS that powers iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Thanks to the complete new look of iOS 7 users are not only getting a fresh looking software but apps are also getting a design revamp to match the new design of the operating system.

Many large and small developers are updating their apps right now in order to make them look good on iOS 7. Here’s a list of apps that have already received the update. We will be updating this list as more apps gain iOS 7 support and a new design.

Go ahead and download them on your iOS device.

twitter ios 7

facebook ios 7

chrome ios 7

mailbox ios 7

drafts ios 7

foursquare ios 7

pocket ios 7


wordpress ios 7

runkeeper ios 7

twitterrific ios 7


ebay ios 7


bing iOS 7


instacast 4 ios 7


hootsuite iOS 7

vimeo ios 7

calendar 5 ios 7


nike+ ios 7

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