Must-Have Apple Watch Apps For 2024

Must have Apple Watch Apps

Apple Watch comes with a bunch of stock apps but there are many third-party must-have Apple Watch apps that you should check out in 2024.

You don’t need an Apple Watch just to look fashionable or to be in on the latest trend. There’s that, but most of all, its utility is proven to make your life easier and better with its various apps.

Various Apple Watch apps let you check breaking news, weather, and health, and even send instant messages to friends. Having such a convenient gadget can be extremely useful.

In any case, you can find some of the essential Apple Watch apps that are worth taking a look at to make your life comfortable!

Best Apps for Apple Watch In 2024

The good news is that there are plenty of apps that can enhance your Apple Watch experience, regardless of whether you’ve recently bought an Apple Watch 8 or are still rocking your old one.

To make your choice easier, we have highlighted the Apple Watch apps for 2024 below. 

1. Calory: Nutrition, Diet Coach

Apple Watch apps in 2023

Based on factors such as weight, height, activity level, and weight loss/maintenance/gain goals, every individual has a set number of calories they should consume every day. Amid a busy day, however, it’s hard to keep track of calorie intake, not least since it’s easy to forget what you eat. 

You can better understand how many calories you consume by recording them as you eat. Additionally, it increases your awareness of food values and nutrient levels, which can lead to healthier eating decisions.

Calory: Nutrition, Diet Coach helps you count your calories. Wondering what else can you do while using the app? Well, you can:

  • Calculate calories consumed instantly
  • Customize your plates to your liking
  • Sync dietary data with Apple Health
  • Monitor your weight 
  • View weekly, monthly, and yearly progress charts 

Install Calory: Nutrition, Diet Coach from the App Store now

2. NapBot – Auto Sleep Tracker

Apple Watch apps 2023

Even though Apple now features sleep tracking in watchOS, there is still room for improvement, and third-party apps offer more features than Apple does.

Among the many interesting features of the latest version of the popular NapBot sleep-tracking app is sleep apnea detection. You may wake up more tired the next day if you suffer from sleep apnea, which causes your breathing to pause or become very shallow more often than usual.

NapBot detects sleep apnea using the respiratory rate measurements on your watch, which are enabled when the sleep focus mode is on. Additionally, it monitors the environment to see if external factors are contributing to poor sleep, and it provides the usual assessment of your sleep quality.

Install NapBot – Auto Sleep Tracker from the App Store now

3. Focus – Time Management

Apple Watch apps

Focus is yet another must-have Apple Watch Ultra apps. This app is a natural fit for your wrist. With the independent Apple Watch app, you can control sessions and track your progress throughout the day with easy and lightweight interactions. Focus lets you keep track of your progress at a glance through your watch face.

With Focus, you can organize tasks intuitively with a lightweight task manager. Putting all your attention into a single task reduces distractions and helps you to achieve your goals. You’ll be perfectly organized on your way to success that way.

Install Focus – Time Management from the App Store now

4. WaterMinder Water Reminder app

We often fail to get enough water each and every day. A WaterMinder Apple Watch app will definitely be a must-have if you’re someone who forgets both to drink water regularly as well as how much water you’ve consumed throughout the day.

The WaterMinder app syncs with Apple Health to port your data. The app also calculates your daily water intake based on your personal information. There is also the possibility of changing measurement units for volume and setting reminders inside WaterMinder, too. You can even see your current hydration levels on the Watch face complication. 

All of these features make it easier than ever to take control of your water intake and stay properly hydrated. 

Install WaterMinder Water Reminder app from the App Store now

5. Calm

Anyone can meditate with Calm, whether they are new to meditation or seasoned practitioners. Whether you need a mental break, a soothing sound, or a peaceful night’s sleep, this is the right app for you.

Every day, the app features a new 10-minute Daily Calm, Sleep Stories from Matthew McConaughey, and music from top artists like Keith Urban and Disney. Additionally, some videos teach mindful movement and gentle stretching for various body types. 

All in all, the app offers master classes taught by world-renowned experts on the topic of mindfulness, soundscapes, and nature sounds to be used for meditation or sleeping, breathing exercises to relieve stress, and more.

Install Calm from the App Store now

6. Vocabulary – Learn words daily

Learning words daily is a cheap and effective way to expand and strengthen your vocabulary for school or personal development. Install this one of the must-have Apple Watch apps to display words and learn them just by checking the time on your watch face.

Words are refreshed every hour, so you learn seamlessly 12 hours a day! 

Decide when the words will appear – do you get up early in the morning? Words will start appearing at 6 or 7 am. Do you prefer to start your day later and stay active until midnight? A word appears as late as 11 a.m. daily.

Does it seem like you learn a word after seeing it three days in a row? It’s okay – choose the number of days that each daily set should appear. All of this is possible with this app for your convenience and easy learning!

Install Vocabulary – Learn words daily from the App Store now

7. CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar

Best Apple Watch apps

CARROT Weather delivers hilariously twisted forecasts with its crazy-powerful (and privacy-conscious) features.

From the straitlaced “professional” to the profanity-laden “overkill,” CARROT has five personalities for you to choose from. Your weather robot will make you look forward to a torrential downpour just to see what it has in store for you!

You can access your current, hourly, and daily weather forecast lightning-quick using CARROT’s highly accurate weather data. The easy-to-read details screens are brimming with meteorological information.

It is also possible to create your weather report videos in the style of TV news. If you prefer, you can bring CARROT into your living room using Augmented Reality Mode.

Install CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar from the App Store now

8. One Drop Diabetes Management

Best Apps for Apple Watch in 2023

This free app helps people living with diabetes, prediabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol manage their health. The One Drop health app simplifies staying healthy so that you can maximize your potential. Discover health news, recipes, and tips, and keep track of all your health data in one place.

Easily keep track of your blood sugar, medications, food, activity, weight, blood pressure, and more. You can view your most recent data right on your home screen. Get a deeper look at your glucose hourly trends by using the History screen.

Additionally, monitor glucose levels, blood pressure, weigh-ins, medications, exercise, and meals with reminders.

Install One Drop Diabetes Management from the App Store now

9. Cheatsheet — Notes Widget

Using CheatSheet, you will never forget the small details: hotel rooms, license plates, luggage combinations, and identification numbers. You can write them down in Cheatsheet and then refer to them whenever you want in Widgets or paste them wherever you want. 

You can swipe right on your lock screen, pull up your keyboard, or glance at your Apple Watch to access Cheatsheet with ease.

The app comes with over 200 icons for organising your notes and distinguishing them from one another.

A quick copy of notes can also be created by holding down a row on the Watch’s display for a few seconds.

Install Cheatsheet — Notes Widget from the App Store now

10. Just Press Record

There are many moments in life we would rather not forget, such as your child’s first words, an important meeting, or a spontaneous idea. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, you can effortlessly capture these moments.

With Just Press Record, you can record, transcribe and sync your recordings across all your devices with one tap. It even lets you start a new recording completely hands-free with Siri as well as edit your audio and transcriptions right inside the app!

Install Just Press Record from the App Store now

When All is Said

The Apple Watch app list is endless. Considering you can only use a few of these on your watch, it is essential to load it with only those apps that provide an excellent user experience. Apple Watch App Store offers plenty of good applications. Each of the above apps offers a wonderful experience in its way.

From keeping a close eye on your sugar levels to tracking the weather, there is an app here for everything you need daily.

So, which app will you install? Let us know in the comments section.

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