PhoneBattery App Lets You Check iPhone’s Battery On Apple Watch

From the Notification Center Widget you can quickly check how much battery is remaining on your Apple Watch. Having the ability to see the remaining battery on the Watch is quite useful as you always know if your Apple Watch needs recharging even if you are not wearing it. Unfortunately Apple has not added the same functionality to the Watch, so while iPhone shows remaining battery status for the Watch, you cannot know if your iPhone is running low on charge using the wearable device. That’s where PhoneBattery app for watchOS comes in.

Just install the PhoneBattery app on your Apple Watch and see the current battery status of your iPhone right on your wrist. To get started with the app you simply have to download it from the App Store, open the Watch app on your iPhone and add it to your Apple Watch. Once its added you can launch it from the watchOS homescreen and see iPhone’s battery percentage. There’s nothing else that you can do in the PhoneBattery app itself, which is kind of the whole point of this app – To let the user get battery info without even touching his or her smartphone, and that it does well.

The PhoneBattery app is well designed and there’s not much to complain about, however I was disappointed to learn that the app does not offer a watchOS complication, which would allow users to add the battery info to Watch face of their choice. Despite that it is a nice app to have and can be useful at times.

You can download PhoneBattery app from the App Store for free at the link below.

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