What Are The Benefits Of Using a VPN On iPhone?

Benefits of using VPN on iPhone

In this blog, we discuss VPNs in depth – the what and the why – as well as the benefits of using a VPN on iPhone and the best VPN for iPhone.

Public Wi-Fi is like a tempting snack, it’s easily available, but you’re not entirely sure what’s in it. As soon as you connect to that airport or coffee shop Wi-Fi without a VPN, it’s an open invitation for cyber peepers. On the other hand, what’s up with restriction content based on your location? And let’s not even get into how our sensitive data and information all flow through the airwaves, unprotected. 

But pop on a VPN, and suddenly your online antics are encrypted, leaving potential eavesdroppers scratching their heads. Now, there are no cyber-snoops, no prying eyes, no geo-restrictions, just you and your protected digital world. 

The ABCs of VPNs: Understanding the Basics

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure tunnel you can use when connecting to the internet, especially on public networks. If you use a VPN, it will encrypt your internet traffic and conceal your IP address. Therefore, helping you keep your online activities private and protected. Plus, since this encryption happens in real-time, it makes it challenging for others to spy on your internet activities or steal your data.

Should I Use a VPN on iPhone?

A quick and no-nonsense answer is yes, you absolutely should. But if you need a detailed answer to why use a VPN on iPhone, we’ve got you. 

Every time we talk about VPNs it usually centers around beefing up security for computers and Android phones. We’ve seen iPhone users shy away from VPNs thinking their iOS fortress is impenetrable. While it’s true that iPhones are known for their robust security, we should know and understand that no digital castle is invincible. Even with Apple’s stringent security measures, there’s always a slight chance of a security breach. 

As for the elephant in the room, let’s not forget about hacker attacks. You see, iPhones, touted as almost hacker-proof, aren’t immune to the occasional security hiccup. While such attacks aren’t an everyday occurrence, there’s still one concern: data-hungry companies. The Facebooks and Googles of the world meticulously track your online moves, crafting detailed profiles for targeted advertising.

Therefore, isn’t it better to arm up with a trusty VPN instead of getting preyed on by these data-hungry digital animals? If you’re still unconvinced, these iPhone VPN benefits will surely change your mind.  

Benefits: When & Why Use a VPN on iPhone

Although we’ve already discussed some of the benefits of using a VPN on iPhone, here are some additional reasons why using a VPN on iPhone is recommended. 

1. Shielding Your Data from Advertisers:

One of the biggest benefits of using a VPN on iPhone is getting an invisibility cloak against advertisers. While hacker attacks on iPhones aren’t a daily threat, some companies do track your online activities for targeted advertising. Having a VPN prevents advertisers from exploiting your data and invading your online preferences. So there’s no more of the content you think about showing up creepily on your IG feed. 

2. Bypassing Geo-Blocked Content:

My best friend can watch The Office on Netflix but can’t watch Friends. And I have it the other way around while we both want what the other has. This is all thanks to geo-blocking. When you are unable to access certain shows or services due to location-based restrictions, VPNs become your key to unlocking a world of entertainment. 

By connecting to servers in different countries, a VPN disguises your location, giving you access to region-restricted content. When you talk about iPhone VPN benefits, this one easily tops the list for me. 

3. Surpassing Content Restrictions:

Often in schools or offices restrictions on social media or some websites can be frustrating, especially when you need to access them to get your work done. That’s when the benefits of using a VPN on iPhone really shine through. 

A VPN tunnels through these limitations, ensuring access to blocked content. It not only breaches firewalls but also encrypts your internet traffic, adding an extra layer of privacy to your online activities.

4. Securing Remote Work:

Working remotely? Then you should be aware that if you’re using your iPhone, it exposes company data to potential risks. A VPN ensures an additional layer of protection, safeguarding sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands during work-related tasks on the go. That’s why among all the iPhone VPN benefits, this one stands out as the most important one for working individuals. 

5. Ensuring Secure Public Wi-Fi Access:

Public Wi-Fi sure are convenient but they’re also super insecure. Another benefit of using a VPN on iPhone is that it encrypts your data on public networks, protecting you from potential cyber threats. While many apps enhance data security, a VPN provides an additional layer of encryption across all applications, minimizing the risk of data theft or unauthorized access.

6. Snagging Better Deals:

This iPhone VPN benefit is for all fellow online shoppers. You can combat price inflation tactics by using a VPN to anonymize your identity. By masking your IP address and preventing data collection, you may avoid manipulated pricing on products and services. While it’s not a guaranteed strategy, it’s worth a shot to potentially save money on your online purchases.

7. Evading Bandwidth Throttling:

Heavy internet users often face bandwidth throttling from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A VPN masks your IP address, preventing your ISP from tracking your data consumption. This benefit of using a VPN on iPhone not only helps you maintain stable speeds but also ensures a smoother online experience. Which is especially great for streaming, gaming, or downloading large files.

8. Strengthening Online Banking Security:

Sure, online banking is becoming more secure day in and day out, yet an extra layer of protection never hurts. A great iPhone VPN benefit is that it establishes a secure and encrypted data tunnel, adding an additional barrier against potential interception or theft of your sensitive financial information.

9. Bypassing VoIP Restrictions:

In countries where VoIP apps are restricted, the benefits of using a VPN on iPhone are massive. By using a high-quality VPN, you can bypass government-imposed blocks, enabling seamless communication through apps like WhatsApp and Skype. 

10. Boosting Online Gaming:

We’re dedicating this last iPhone VPN benefit to all gaming enthusiasts. You see, a VPN can reduce lag and improve overall gaming experiences. By selecting a fast and strategically located server, you can optimize your connection, ensuring responsive gameplay without compromising security.

NordVPN: The Best VPN for iPhone 

Having discussed the ABCs of VPNs and explored all the benefits of using a VPN on iPhone, it’s only fitting to spotlight the best VPN for iPhone, NordVPN (sign up and get discounted deal here).

Now, you might be itching to know, “What makes NordVPN the best iPhone VPN in 2024?” Well, my curious friend, we’ve got the lowdown on all the reasons that make NordVPN the undisputed champion. Ready to dive in?

Get More Privacy:

At NordVPN, your data is safe as it never tracks or stores your online activities. NordVPN ensures you stay incognito on LAN, shielding your online activities from prying cyber eyes even when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Enjoy Blazing Speeds:

NordVPN lets you choose from over 5,200 VPN servers across 60 countries. You see, the perfect connection is just a click away, there are no compromises when it to comes to using NordVPN. Thanks to the NordLynx VPN protocol, speed and security coexist harmoniously. Simply click ‘Quick Connect,’ and you’re seamlessly linked to the fastest server, letting you zoom through the digital landscape with unmatched speeds.

Connect to Any Device:

You can securely access files across devices with the Meshnet feature. Whether you’re sharing files, gaming, or handling work matters, NordVPN ensures safe, encrypted, and easy-to-use connectivity for all your devices. Even while jet-setting, connecting to your home computer, or joining virtual LAN parties is a walk in the park.

Experience No Hassle:

You have to follow three simple steps to online privacy and security. One: Download. Two: Log in. Three: Connect. Moreover, you can set up NordVPN to automatically shield you every time you fire up your iPhone.

Protect Everyone Around You:

One NordVPN account covers six devices. Your iPhone, laptop, mom’s tablet, roommate’s PC, put it all under one secure umbrella. And you can extend the protection to all your home devices by installing NordVPN on your Wi-Fi router. Need a quick fix? Create a mobile hotspot and share the encrypted connections with your other gadgets.

Benefits for Advanced Users:

Specialty Servers like Double VPN and Obfuscated servers cater to advanced privacy needs. You can tweak settings in the NordVPN app, set custom DNS addresses, and pick your preferred network protocol. It’s your privacy, so you make the rules. Plus, you can utilize the split tunneling feature to exclude selected apps or websites from the VPN connection.

Sign up for NordVPN

Now that we have established that NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for iPhone, it is time for you to sign up for the service, and we have got some good news for you. You can sign up with this link here, and get a 63% off and 3-months free for a friend. With this discount the price of NordVPN comes down to $3.99 instead of the usual $8.29, which makes it a spectacular deal.

Ending Note

So, why use a VPN on iPhone? Well, it’s not just about warding off hackers (though that’s a perk). It’s a power move against data-hungry giants, giving them a run for their targeted advertising money. Your iPhone may be a fortress, but a VPN adds an extra layer, a cloak of privacy against prying eyes.

Now, as for the best VPN for iPhone, NordVPN stands tall as the go-to guardian for your iPhone. From blazing speeds and ultimate privacy to a hassle-free experience, it ensures your device is not just protected but thriving in the digital world.

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