5 reasons why you should stay away from iOS 7 jailbreak for now

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If you have not been living under a rock for the past few hours then you should already be aware of the fact that iOS 7 jailbreak has been released and it is now available for download. Anyone who is into jailbreaking iOS rushed to download the evasi0n 7 tool because users had to wait so long to get the opportunity to run  Cydia on their devices.

Just like iOS 7 itself the release of iOS 7 jailbreak has been the most controversial yet. There have been a number of issues with the release which includes the inclusion of questionable Chinese alternative to Cydia called TaiG, which offers pirated apps no less.

So even though we are pretty excited about the prospects of Cydia’s arrival on iOS 7 there are a number of reasons why would advise you to stay away from the jailbreak and to keep your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch pure at least for now

  • Cydia does not support iOS 7 officially (yet) according to its creator Saurik
  • Most jailbreak tweaks are not ready for iOS 7 and those that are compatible are not without bugs
  • This is the first release of Evasi0n and developers will soon release an improved version with bug fixes and then you will have to jailbreak again
  • Jailbreak is not 100 percent ready for iOS 7 and users are reporting constant crashes
  • Security and privacy concerns due to controversies related to this release

Despite all the reasons for not jailbreaking iOS we would still like to say that we love Cydia and past few months of using iOS 7 without it have been hard. In this post we are just asserting that it is better that you wait a few weeks until the dust settles and things become more clear.

Not convinced? We thought so. In that case you can use the following guides to jailbreak your device

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  1. Sorry mate but your arguments seem somehow invalid based on what i’ve already encountred so far after 5 days since i’d done jailbreak

    1. You are absolutely right mate. When I published this post 4 days ago things weren’t as clear as they are now. Cydia for iOS 7 was not released, TaiG was not removed, there were barely any tweaks that were working without any problems and so on.

      Now I think things have become a lot more clearer and the jailbreak community has solved most of the problems in such a short time.

      You can view our coverage and see the timeline here https://www.ioshacker.com/category/cydia

      Happy jailbreaking 🙂

  2. It’s fine to jailbreak now. I’ve done it, and I’m rockin’ the iOS 6 icon pack, unlimited iTunes Radio skips w/o ads, Terminal, and my emulators. So satisfied 😀

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