Alkaline is a standalone theme platform for status bar’s battery indicator


The battery indicator is one of the most visible and notable object on our iPhone’s screen. Not only is it always present on top of our device to grab our attention but it is also very important since users are always worried about their battery status at any given time. The stock battery indicator is nice but it isn’t something you would keep if you are given an easy way to replace it.

A new Cydia tweak called Alkaline allows users to replace the battery indicator of their device by choosing a different one from its settings. Alkaline is a standalone themeing platform for iOS’s battery sign. Users can simply launch its settings located under Settings app and choose any theme of their choice.


Alkaline comes with only two theme options that includes Bolus and Habesha however users can create their own or in the future download themes from Cydia. Since Alkaline is standalone it does not require users to install WinterBoard app. It works like Zeppelin tweak the difference being it is meant for the battery sign.

This tweak is available in Cydia for free. You can download it from the ModMyi repo.

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