AnimPlus Tweak Can Speed Up iOS 14 Animations

AnimPlus tweak
AnimPlus tweak

If you find iOS animations to be too slow and want to speed things up, then AnimPlus tweak is here to help. Using this jailbreak tweak iPhone and iPad users can boost up the speed of their device’s UI animations.

With AnimPlus tweak you can customize various aspects of the iOS animations including their duration, velocity, stiffness, mass and damping.

You can configure each of these settings separately from tweak’s preferences. While the configured settings are applied universally users do get the ability to exclude certain apps.

AnimPlus tweak

With AnimPlus you can change the speed of springboard animations, app launching and closing, screen wake and turning off, folder opening and closing animation, coversheet unlock and more.

By installing an animation speed enhancer tweak like this you can not only save time by making the animations faster, but also make your iPhone appear faster. iOS animations play an important role in the whole user-experience and increasing their speed can create an illusion of faster device speeds.

AnimPlus is compatible with iOS 14 and iOS 13. AnimPlus tweak is available under the Packix repo for $1.50. This is the successor to the AnimationsBeFastPlus tweak, so if you already own the older version you get a 25 percent on the purchase on AnimPlus.

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