iOS 7 tweaks Roundup: App Update Manager, Touchy, DimWithFlash, InvisibleFolders and RightX

Cydia Tweak 5s air mini

In today’s roundup of best new tweaks released in Cydia we have got a variety  of hacks that are both useful and fun to use. Some of these tweaks offer minor enhancements for iOS 7 while others bring completely new features to it. Here’s a quick roundup of new tweaks you should try today.

App Update Manager

iOS 7 brings the handy Automatic app updates feature however it only allows users to simply enable or disable it without giving them any control over its behaviour. The App Update Manager tweak changes that by allowing users to enable or disable automatic updates for a specific app and allow automatic downloads when the device is plugged in. The tweak also gives an option to users where they can specify the minimum battery level when device can download updates from the App Store. App Update Manager is available for $1.49 in Cydia under ModMyi repo.


Touchy is an awesome Touch ID tweak for iPhone 5s that allows users to set their fingers as shortcuts to their favorite apps. Users can assign different fingers to different apps and launch them instantly simply by touching with the relevant finger. For example you can set the index finger to launch one app while the ring finger can be configure to launch another. According to its description Touchy tweak is compatible with BioProtect while support for other Touch ID tweaks is coming soon. Touchy is available for $1.99.


If you use the flashlight feature of Control Center a lot then you would know how annoying it is when the display gets dim and you have to unlock the device again to turn it off. DimWithFlash tweak fixes that problem by preventing the device from dimming the display. This tweak is available for free.



InvisibleFolders just like its name suggests removes the background and mini grid inside the folder making it seem like invisible. The only thing that is visible after installing this tweak is the folder’s label. InvisibleFolders is a free tweak.


RightX is a simple tweak that brings Safari tab’s ‘x’ close button from left to the right side on the tab switcher screen. That’s the only function of the tweak and it is available for free.

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