Apps Manager Tweak Lets You Create Backup, Restore and Wipe App Data


If you are lucky enough to still have a jailbroken device, then we have got a nice tweak for your hacking pleasures. The new Apps Manager tweak that is now available in Cydia for download makes it possible for users to manage data from their installed applications and perform different operations on them that are not possible in stock iOS. This includes all the third-party applications you have downloaded from the App Store.

With Apps Manager tweak you can backup app data that can be restored later. The backup covers wide range of information related to a particular application including saved files, settings, data stored in keychain etc. As mentioned earlier you can not only create backups of data but can also restore them whenever you like. Perhaps more useful feature of this tweak lets users wipe data for any of the installed applications. This includes its data, setting and files. With this feature you can free up extra space taken by the app in the form of stored files and caches without having to delete it. Sometimes this can be a lifesaver especially if you have a 16GB device.

Using the Apps Manager tweak you also get to import or export application data of any app to another device letting you restore a backup on it. The tweak is easy to use and gives you three tabs where you can find list of apps and info related to them, list of backups and Settings. Apps Manager tweak is available in Cydia for $1.59 and works with iOS 7 and above including iOS 9.

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