Auxo Legacy Edition is the simpler version of Auxo multitasking tweak

Auxo Limited Edition tweak

Auxo is one of the most popular Cydia tweaks ever released. The current version of Auxo is the third edition of the tweak and it has evolved a lot from what it was when it was made available for the first time around two years ago. Many users miss the look and feel of the original Auxo tweak and have been asking for a classic edition. To meet the demand the team of developers behind the popular called A3Tweaks have finally unleashed the Auxo Legacy Edition. This as you may have already guessed is the legacy version of Auxo that features a look that is heavily inspired from the first edition of Auxo.

Auxo Legacy Edition features an app switcher that can be accessed with a swipe up gesture. Unlike the original app switcher of iOS 8 it does not take up the whole screen and shows much smaller app preview cards. Just like the Auxo 3 tweak the legacy version also merges the Control Center with the App Switcher. Users can swipe right to access the Music controls and swipe again to get toggles and app launcher buttons. As you would expect from an A3tweaks production the tweak has been designed with attention to detail, which is evident from big and small transitions and animations.

From Settings you can change different aspects of the tweak that includes the way apps are closed. You also get to choose how different gestures work. Auxo Legacy Edition also packs some really useful features such as ability to close all apps, pagination support, ability to toggle between volume and brightness sliders, ability to show an enlarged version of now playing music’s album art and more. Users can also choose a default page for Auxo that will be displayed as soon as they swipe up to bring Auxo on the screen.

You can download the Auxo Legacy Edition tweak from Cydia for $1.99. For the users of Auxo 2 and Auxo 3 the tweak will be available at a discounted price of $0.99.

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