BatteryRamp Tweak Decreases iPhone’s Charging Time By Disabling Certain iOS Elements

BatteryRamp tweak

BatteryRamp tweak

Always in a hurry and forgetting to charge your iPhone? Then BatteryRamp tweak for jailbroken devices is for you. This tweak brings more efficient charging times to the iPhone by decreasing the time it takes for the device to fully recharge.

BatteryRamp tweak is great for those who often forget to charge their iPhone and are left with low battery at the start of the day or having to carry power banks along with the device.

This tweak improves iPhone’s charging times by bringing an ultra power saving mode to the device. This mode is enabled as soon as you attach your iPhone to its charger.

BatteryRamp tweak does so by automatically disabling certain elements of iOS in order to minimize power usage. These elements remain disabled whilst the device is charging and automatically enabled once the charging is done or the device has been removed from the charger.

A great thing about BatteryRamp is that it asks the user every time whether they want to use the efficient charging feature or not. As soon as you plug-in your iPhone’s charging cable a popup appears asking if you want to enable BatteryRamp. If you choose to opt for quicker charging the tweak disables elements of iOS to speed up charging.

When this special charging mode is enabled a black screen is shown on the screen with LED like lights to indicate current charging state.

If during charge you want to use your iPhone in its normal state you can disable BatteryRamp by pressing the Volume Up button three times. Alternatively, you can just unplug your device.

BatteryRamp tweak is available under the Dynastic repo for $1.49. It works with all versions of iOS 13 including iOS 13.5.
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