Brightness Activator Pro lets you adjust brightness with a swipe

Brightness Activator Pro tweak

For those of us who don’t use the auto brightness feature, adjusting the screen brightness can be an bothersome experience. In iOS 7 accomplishing this task was made fairly easier by adding a slider in Control Center. If you like to have a more convenient way of doing it then Brightness Activator Pro tweak can be of good use. With this hack installed you get the ability to increase or decrease iOS brightness by simply swiping up or down on your screen.

It uses Activator gestures to make this possible. The tweak also offers a number of options that are accessible through the preferences page including ability for users to disable it on homescreen and lockscreen, when keyboard is showing as well as in user specified apps. Another cool feature of this tweak is that it gives users an option to have swipe up/down or swipe left/right for changing the brightness.

Brightness Activator Pro tweak (2)

To get the original brightness settings back you can tap and hold on the screen or hold the home button for a long time. So if you are done reading an email and would like to get back the original brightness level then you can by simply tapping your screen. Also, the tweak retains the brightness settings when you unlock your device provided the auto brightness is turned off.

You can download Brightness Activator Pro for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you are looking for a free alternative then Brightness Activator 2 is also available from same developer that does the same thing but with less features.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t see a difference between either tweak, functionality-wise. Best to go with the free version it would seem.

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