Bring Microsoft Office Assistant ‘Clippy’ to iOS with WritingALetter

WritingALetter tweak

Remember the good old days of using Microsoft Office and having your own mildly annoying Office Assistant called ‘Clippy’. While today’s children have got Siri, for those of us who are in their twenties Clippy was our only virtual childhood friend. If you miss having Clippy as your assistant then a new Cydia tweak called WritingALetter can bring it back to you right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While the iOS version is not as powerful as the original Clippy is is certainly a fun hack to use and show off to your friends. What WritingALetter does is it replaces the iOS alert boxes with Microsoft Office’s Assistant making it look like he is talking to you.

So after installing this tweak on your jailbroken device you will get alerts not from boring alert boxes but from fun and somewhat ancient looking Clippy. There are no settings to configure for this tweak as it is just a visual hack that replaces the alert boxes of your device. It carries the same message as the original alert and also allows users to interact with itself by offering relevant buttons such as cancel, delete, ok etc.

WritingALetter tweak is not available on public repos so you will have to add HashBang production’s repository in order to download it. Just go to Cydia and add ‘’ on your device. After adding this repo head to Sources > HASHBANG Productions > Toys and install the tweak. It is available for free.

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