Contacts Photo Sync imports WhatsApp profile pictures into Contacts app

Contacts Photo Sync tweak

The stock contacts app allows users to add profile pictures to their contact entries. Once added the pictures appear when someone calls you, and in case of iPhone 6 Plus in the Messages application. While it is very simple to assign an image to a contact majority of people in our contact list don’t have a profile picture attached to them. A new hack called Contacts Photo Sync aims to fix that by importing profile pictures from WhatsApp.

Since most people have already got a profile photo in their WhatsApp account this tweak simply imports them and assigns the image to the relevant entries in your contact. Once this is done the images start appearing in different sections of iOS just as they do for contacts that had manually added pictures.

Contacts Photo Sync tweak adds an app to the homescreen that you can use to sync photos. An important thing you should note is that all the phone numbers should have a ‘+’ sign followed by a country code and phone number. They should not include the number ‘0’ at the beginning as well.

If you are a WhatsApp user and would like your contact list to have profile pictures then head to Cydia and download Contact Photo Sync. It is available for $1.

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