Best Cydia tweaks to enhance the Mail app for iOS

After posting about the best Cydia tweaks for Camera, Messages and Safari apps, today we have got some useful tweaks to improve the official Mail app on iOS. Mail app comes built-in on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and provides a rich feature-set to interact with your emails in a fast and simple way. Despite many alternatives it still stands-out when it comes to support for a large variety of service providers. However there are some constraints like you can’t send files other than photos, and recorded videos or you can’t format your text the way you want by customizing the the fonts, colors, styles of the text.

Today’s tweaks are going to fix all these woes. All these Mail tweaks work with iOS 7 and are available on Cydia.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7

Mail Enhancer Pro tweak

This tweak adds a bunch of useful enhancements to the Mail app. Some features include multiple signatures for each mail account, custom notifications for select mails, color highlighting, quick actions to mark mails as read/unread, delete, move, flag/unflag mails, inbox filters and more. You can also define your own set of rules that you want to apply to incoming emails. For example you can set a rule to flag certain type of mails. The tweak can also make your device speak the names of the sender every time you receive an email.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 7 is available at Cydia for $4.99. If you want to try this tweak before you buy, then add this repo “” to Cydia to download the trial version.

All Mail Actions


This little tweak adds the useful ‘Mark All’, ‘Move All’ and ‘Archive All’ buttons to Mail app. This is quite handy because by default you can’t select all the emails and perform any of these actions.

All Mail Actions is a free tweak and is compatible with iOS 5, 6 and 7.


attachments+-tweakAttachments+ unlocks the true experience to attaching photos, videos and any other type of file directly from Mail app. You can directly initiate Camera from Mail app and can attach the picture or recorded video. Another useful feature of the tweak allows you to attach the files from your Box or Dropbox accounts. You can also preview the supported files within the mail app. Moreover you can send/save any type of file from/to your iOS device.

Attachments+ is also compatible with iOS 5 to 7 and you can get it from Cydia for $2.99.

Rich Text For Mail

This powerful tweak gives you the liberty to compose and format the emails using custom fonts, colors, and styles. Just select the text you want to customize and tap the ‘F’ button when action menu appears. A new window will appear allowing you to select font size, font family, color, and formats like bold, underline, strikethrough and more.

Rich Text For Mail supports iOS 5, 6 and 7. You can download it from Cydia for $1.99.


MailUnlimitedPhotos tweak

MailUnlimitedPhotos as its name suggests adds the ability for users to send more than 5 images through email right from the Photos app. By default iOS limits the number of images you can send through mail via Photos app to 5. It is a nice tweak that fixes this annoyance. You can get it for free from Cydia. It fully supports all versions of iOS 7.

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