Best Cydia tweaks to power-up Safari browser for iOS

Although there are many alternatives available, Safari is still the most popular browser on iOS. With iOS 7 and upcoming iOS 8, Safari delivers fast, better and beautiful browsing experience on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. However there are various limitations like you can’t download files directly on your iOS device using Safari etc. But every time you face limitations, jailbreak community comes to liberate your iOS devices, giving you the ability to control your devices the way you want.

Here are the 5 best tweaks that you can install to power-up Safari browser on your iOS devices. These all tweaks work with iOS 7+ and are available at Cydia.

Canopy for iOS 7

Canopy for iOS 7 (2)

This big tweak brings over a dozen useful features and enhancements to your Safari browser. Our favourite feature is the ‘Paste’ and ‘Paste & Go’ buttons that this tweak adds to the address bar making this frequently used function a single tap away. Other useful features include ability to access ‘Recently Closed’ pages, ‘Open in Chrome’ and ‘Translate’ options via action or share menu and more.

Canopy is only compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and you can download it from Cydia for $1.99.

Safari Download Enabler

safari-download-enabler-cydiaAs the name suggests, this tweak brings the missing download manager to Safari for iOS. You can easily download videos, images, and other linked files with just a couple of taps. If you want to download the currently playing video simply shake your device and it will show you the option to save the video file. You can also track the progress of active downloads, tap the bookmarks icon and it will take you to the downloads list.

Safari Download Enabler is compatible with devices running iOS 5 up to iOS 7.1.x. You can get it for free from Cydia.


safaritabcount cydiaUnfortunately by default you can’t tell how many tabs are opened when you are on a web page. You need to switch to ‘tab switching’ to see the opened tabs. SafariTabCount fixes this problem by adding a the number of opened tabs on the ‘tab switching’ icon. You can download this tweak for free from Cydia.


close all Safari

There isn’t any option in Safari to close all the opened tabs instantly. But CloseAll is here to fix this issue. This little tweak allow you to close all the opened tabs by a tap and hold on the cross (x) button of any opened tab. You can also download CloseAll for free from Cydia.


BrowserBlur tweak

BrowserBlur protects your privacy by blurring the Safari app when it appears in app switcher. Once installed no one will be able to see what’s opened in your browser from the app switcher. BrowserBlur is also available in Cydia for free.

For more tips go here to get the most out of Safari browser.

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