Elite tweak makes it easier to separate incoming calls from outgoing

Elite tweak

The stock Phone app acts as a central hub for all things related to making or receiving calls on an iPhone. The ‘Recents’ section found within the app lists all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls at one place. While the missed calls are marked in red color and are also listed in a separate ‘Missed’ section, same is not true for the incoming and outgoing calls. As both of them are listed in the same black color it can be hard to differentiate between an incoming and outgoing call. While iOS does shows a small icon that shows the call was outgoing, it is still not very noticeable.

Elite tweak solves this problem by color coding the recent calls list found in the Phone app. The tweak makes the incoming call entries blue while the outgoing calls are shown in green color. The missed calls are shown in the default red color, which makes it easier for the user to differentiate between the three types of calls.

The tweak does not remove the outgoing call icon, so you also have that to help you find which call is incoming and which one is outgoing.

You can download the Elite tweak from Cydia for free.

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